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  1. heyy i was just wondering when you were using bactrim how long it took for you to see good results? i dont have bad acne id say light and ive heard good reviews from it, any help?? an also when you stopped using it did you break out worse? i heard that has happened to the majority of reviews ive seen

  2. so iv been on bactrim couple months, saw great results lately and definitely want to continue. question is when i picked up my next 30 bactrim pils, i got given a different brand called Respirin Forte which the chemist said was exactly the same as Bactrim DS beside the box, Is this true?? The bactrim DS was working so well im scared this slight adjustment will affect my results, opinions ??
  3. ^^ sounds like me, do u reckon it effects your acne?
  4. Had mild but consistent acne for over a year now, and currently on differin and bactrim, there's no way i can get accutane as its no where serious enough so this is as good as its gonna get treatment wise for me, I've noticed Mondays to Fridays a couple small whiteheads will start to go away and then Fridays & Saturdays ill break out and have a couple tiny new ones and the cycle goes on and on, im 18 currently doing yr 12 at school and i have the worst sleeping pattern, i sleep at 2-3 and wa
  5. i hate doctors who say diet dosent effect acne, its true, not only does drinking ice chocaltes and maccus encourages the acne, but you can actually feel the eeeekiness of your face after the consumption of them. but trust me not eating junk when your a teenager is easier said then done
  6. hello all, i've just started on bactrim DS this week, i became resistant to mino after 6 months of using it, and i requested this to my doctor as the next step in my acne treatment, problem is it only comes in a 10 pack and only 1 dose (the 160/800 one) my doctor said it would be too strong to take but i insisted as i've heard many good stories on it, even when i was getting the medication all the pharmacists was saying it was rare for people to be using bactrim for acne, i live in Australia so
  7. just wanted to say good luck with your resume, im on differin (similar i guess to epiduo) and just started bactrim (i recommended doctor to start me on it as i was taking mino for 6 months and became resistant i think) just wondering how many bactrim ds are you taking a day and what time of the day you are taking it? keep your head up man all the best
  8. i have been on it for 6 months now it has improved heaps so i never relise if a moisturiser is breaking me out but the way it works if i dont moisturise for 2-3 days strait i get patches on my face (dried but not too intence) and it kinda spreads to my neck the dryness, i see in ur regimen you use olay complete, hows that? because i think i used it for 2 months and it broke me out every now and then and now im on cetaphil im not to sure but i think most cream based breaks me out so im going to
  9. my derm suggested it will help fade my red marks but i was just wondering what is safe and wont make me break out? im currently on minocycline, differin, cetaphil face wash and cetaphil moisturiser as my routine and thinking of adding an exfoliator? do you guys recommend aspirin mask or will honey break me out????
  10. thanks for the input, na in Australia we don't have 0.3 weird, i've been on the 0.1 gel for the 6 months and it's pretty tolerable except if i don't moisturize every night i develop rashes that spreads to my neck. the other thing is i don't really want to take the risk swapping topicals, im almost 80% positive that it's the mino and not the differin thats causing the relapse also this week im getting pimples on my neck, HOLYYYY MOLE, i've never to this day had a single one on my neck, im only 17
  11. so my derm has told me to stick out with differin and i;ve been on that and minocycline for 6 months now, it has done pretty well and turned my moderate to very mild acne, i stopped breaking out on forehead for 3 months but this couple days i've getting tiny whiteheads all over my forehead , and every few days ill get a couple on my cheeks, the other thing is that im getting tiny scars all over where i break out even after the whitehead has gone, i read somewhere that could be a side effect of t
  12. if it's any reassurance, i've just finished my 3rd month of differin gel and mino tabs and my right cheek is pretty much fully clear besides a lot of red marks left from acne, it has difeintly helped me to a certain extenct but i don't know if its the differin working or the minocycline, im hoping by the end of my fourth month i become clear and stop getting mini breakouts so i have time to heal the red marks, this is good progress considering the derm told me to be patient and wait 6 month's fo
  13. ye just ask doctors what you want and they usally prescribe it for you, im currently on my 3rd month of minocycline and differin, i had mild moderate and i wanted to get advice from a derm and he also said i should stick to what the doctors have prescribed (-.- what a waste of 150 buks lucky i have a job), the antibiotics have caused no problems at all for me, i don't feel any different at all, im just not sure if it's working or the differin is working cause now i only have mild acne with a lot