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  1. hey aiden that sux that the regimen hasn't helped you. I have been on it for 2 years now. In those 2 years i have 'quit' for a few weeks at a time (not because i hated it, just because i was too lazy to do the regimen haha). When i stopped the regimen (as in, i stopped using BP all together) the first time, i broke out about 2 weeks later. When i stop the regimen now, I only get miniscule bumps after 2 weeks. So i definitly think it is a process. With your skin texture/tone you could alway
  2. i stop myself picking by focusing on other areas of my body. for example if i want to pick, i pluck my leg hairs instead!
  3. jojoba oil breaks my out sooo badly. i have tried using so many different ways but it just doesnt work for me. i would say still give it a try though. sometimes i put on moisturiser and then BP and that doesnt make the BP any less effective so i assume jojoba will be the same
  4. i would say be careful. Ive had extractions done at 2 different places. the first place almost made me cry the extractions were so painful and i always thought that something that painful could not be good for my face! the second place was the complete opposite. i didn't even feel the extractions which was lovely. I think the first place that did my extractions did damage the pores on my nose a bit grrrrrrrr :/
  5. Ha sometimes I think the people that judge our acne the most are ourselves!
  6. chai latte, mud cake, rocky road, maccas, and cream cheese on toast.....seriously how am i not obese?
  7. oh boo to them, they sound like pricks. I have friends who are superficial like that and make a big deal about acne (ironically one of my friends who does that has acne herself!) but i just think, why even be with someone like that anyway. I do get what you mean about those types of comments being devastating though. But the majority of girls out there are not concerned with acne (i hope that is the same with guys hahahaha)
  8. well I still stand by what i said earlier but just think of it this way, would you react badly if you saw a girl you thought was attractive in bad lighting? If your a decent guy, probably not. If i saw a guy under bad lighting and noticed his scars for the first time i would probably be like surprised for about 3 seconds and then honestly not really care about it after that. Kinda of what you said about girls and makeup. You might be surprised for a few seconds but not turned off (I hope lol).
  9. eh not really for me. I have basically clear skin (like 2 small pimples a month max) but i dont just go for guys who have clear skin. Until i read this and actually thought about it, skin is never a big issue for me (definitely for me it is all about a guys personality). this girl might have been looking at you because you kept looking at her hahahaha or maybe she did think you were a cutie!!
  10. hey ive been on the regimen 9 months. The best way to deal with flakes is to do an oil massage. If you have jojoba oil or grapeseed oil u can mix that with a tiny amount of castor oil (only a bit coz castor oil is drying but it will help lift the dry skin from ur face) and then massage it onto your face for about 20 minutes. You can then gently remove the oil with a hot damp towel and apply ur bp gel. Have a look into the oil cleansing method as it will explain it better. I usually do an oil
  11. Just thought i'd pop in and let you guys know how i am going. I am in such a good place right now with my skin. Its the best feeling in the world to wake up every morning and never have pimples on my face. Im happy with my skin tone atm too. I think a lot of my happiness is also due to the fact that im not obsessing over my face anymore. I know some people still get upset that even though they dont have pimples, they still have red marks/blackheads/uneven skin tone. Honestly i dont even ca
  12. HeyI've been on the regimen since June and it has totally cleared me up. I do remember how shitty the flakes were though when i first started, and to be honest i still sometimes get them now! I don't know if you have ever tried the OCM (oil cleansing method) but it is really really REALLY good at getting rid of the flakes and moisturising skin. I do my ocm with Jamaican black castor oil (although any castor oil is ok) and grapeseed oil. I massage it into my face for 15 minutes and you can li
  13. yetti_90

    Day 128

    wow long time with no updates! so i dont need to use this blog as regularly coz im pretty much clear now. I started using Mandelic acid when my skin was mroe stable and i wasn't going to destroy it by adding another product! so i had an IB from the mandelic acid but since that went away i have literally had no pimples. Im not even joking! i am sooooo happy the mandelic acid is an absolute god-send. It has evened out my skin tone heaps and is helping a lot with my super stubborn blackheads.
  14. can't believe its been only 2 months. seems like way longer! well i have to say i totally agree with what everyone says about sticking out the regimen. At first it feels like its not working coz pimples are still coming up but now i never even worry about getting big white heads or blind pimples. The most i get are like teeny red bumps that dissapear in 24 hours. My skin was REALLY dry this morning, i think i over did AHA last night oops but i did a really long jojoba oil face massage and tha
  15. yetti_90

    day 59

    hey sorry for not posting in ages i have been busy at uni. So skin update: my skin is looking good right now. I kept having little break outs of like a pimple or 2 a week so i went back and read the regimen over and decided that i would boost up the amount of BP i was using. right now i only use 1 finger-length and only at night so now i am using 2 finger-lengths (although still only at night i dont like to use BP in the morning). THis had made a huge difference in only 4 days so i think