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  1. Hi, I thought i should share this with you as there are so many people who helped me with where i am today. I am not totally acne free but your advices have helped me kept that under control Lately i have been suggested a wonderful supplement which not only redued my acne to the great extent but also improved my skin Every morning make a fresh juice out of Carrot (2 big ones), Beetroot (one whole thing), little water. Nothing else no sugar and nothing. Filter it and drink it on empty stomach
  2. Hi, I have been on regimen since last two days. I am trying to precisely follow the instructions as per the regimen videos on the site. Infact i am using Dan's products for regimen. However, i notice that during the day my face appears shining and very oily. Probably due to moisturization with one pump from the 16 oz bottle. I live in India and i am never used to moisturizing my face my entire life and never felt the need to do it. Also, i have brown skin which makes it much more apparent. W