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  1. whitney, thanks so much for the encouraging responce. I will be getting my makeup done professionally, so i guess they should know all the tricks, but I am definitly going to try the concealer brush for everyday makeup. Im glad to hear your wedding pics came out goood. thanks again!!! hlokitty
  2. i would definitly recommend clinique moisture in control. Its a great moisutizer thats oil free , but yet it works great underneath my makeup and it doesnt cause any breakouts. and during the day i use the oil blotting paper sheets if i get shiny. hope this helps
  3. you can get perscripties from any make-up counter in any dept store, im in NYC so i got mine from Macy's.
  4. Now that my cystic acne is clearing up, Im having concealer issues w/ scars and craters which i have on the sides of my face. Is there any product/liquid/gel to build up the areas, so when i put my foundation the craters dont show??? im getting married in 3 1/2 months and im totoally stressing about this. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Have a nice day
  5. I have to agree with manchita, i have used so many products over the years, but perscriptives has been the best so far. The concealer works really well, and all u really need is a small amount and just pat it on to blend. and the foundation is really good too. It didnt cause any further breakouts for me, which was relieving. I am Latina as well and its always so hard to find the right color match, but w/ persciptives they had the exact match. Since I am in NYC i was able to buy mine at Mac
  6. I too have had the same problem for many years, i am now using perscriptives concealer (which is really good) and persiptives concealer, which is blended to your exact skin color, it bends well, has good coverage, and really looks natura, and u dont have to use alot of it. Hope this helps. l
  7. I was at my dermatoogist today and she offered to give me some cortisone shots to existing pimples, she says it makes it look less angry and flatter. I chickened out and said no, next month she is going o do a chemical peel. If anyone has done this, let me know if it helped or not, im getting married in 5 mo and im trying to get my acne under control, thanks for any input, and have a great day!!! hlokitty
  8. Hello all, Bye Bye blemish is ok for small pimples, but it didnt do anything for my cystic type acne, i guess because cytic acne is deep in the skin. It will sting if you put it on irritated skin, and it is also drying, its not something you put all over the face, just dot it directly on the pimple. Also it contains sulphur, so if you have an allergy be careful. Hope this helps. Have a great day!! Hlokitty
  9. Hey, I myself have the same problem. My doc put me on adoxa pills, azaelic acid cream for the day, and benzacline cream at nighttime, the benzacline is really drying, and like you i HAVE to wear make-up to cover all the red marks/scars. If it gets too dry i try to avoid the dry area or put less of the topical creams, i have been using moistue in control cream by clinique and that seems to help. Hope this helps you, and if anyone ever has a question or feels down about the acne (god knows i