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  1. I'd give it a little more time to heal, maybe see another dermatologist. Dermatologists are hardly idiots, usually the medical school students at the top of their class go into dermatology because they get paid a ton for relatively little hours. It's a highly selective field to get into. So have some faith and don't go off the deep end just yet.
  2. I recall him raving about the SA at one point. Personally I think he looked at the numbers and realized SA wouldn't be as profitable as the other products so it was a bad business venture. There's no other reason why he'd pull the SA off the market. AHA is an alpha-hydroxy acid, SA is a beta-hydroxy acid, they both have different functions. Why not sell both.
  3. Your age shows, son. In college you do whatever the hell you want. In fact I've noticed that all guys CONSTANTLY stare at themselves in the mirror, whether they're in the bathroom or the gym. Even on the regimen I don't stare at myself half as much as these other guys. You'll be standing in the dorm bathroom with a few guys at the sinks next to you (or girls if it's a co-ed bathroom), and you'll all be staring at yourselves in the mirror, doing your own thing, and talking and laughing with each
  4. I've found AHA helps with the red marks by speeding up the skin turnover process, but really you've just got to wait those out. The main thing is to stop the acne. One bright red active zit in the middle of your face is way more noticeable than some red marks on your cheeks. Once the acne is at bay, then you just let the months roll by and don't think about the red marks or obsess about them, and one day you'll look in the mirror and realize they have faded tremendously. Later on they'll go away
  5. Cleansing with a 5% Panoxyl bar was the savior for me. It's really drying but it really, really works well. It'll zap any existing acne into nothing and will penetrate deep down to destroy all of that skin-deep bacteria. In conjunction I do Dan's regimen at night. To prevent dryness I need a full pump of moisturizer with around 8 drops of Jojoba oil.
  6. It doesn't burn unless you get it in your eyes, just causes a cooling sensation. I put a few drops in my moisturizer as a substitute for BP in the daytime.
  7. You can wear make-up but it means you will have to officially turn in your man card. There is just no way you can be considered a man and wear make-up, unless it's being put on by a make-up artist for some paying gig. Besides, the good thing about being a man is no one cares if you have a few marks on your face. Chicks might get turned off if you've got zits all over, but a few zits are okay, and if you only have a few marks, or ONE mark, it's not at all going to be the reason why a chick doesn'
  8. First I'd stop using BP completely and see if it is indeed contact dermatitis caused by BP and not some other cosmetic, or some dust/pollen/mold allergy. Then you can gradually start using BP again, keeping it far away from the eyes. If the problem comes back despite keeping it away from the eyes, then toss the BP and find another acne regimen.
  9. My acne recently started getting bad enough that the regimen didn't cut it (I believe it had to do with barely getting any direct sun for the past couple of months, which I am now correcting. That's the only thing that changed). I bought a PanOxyl 5% bar, which I used to use exclusively years and years ago, and use that to cleanse twice a day. It's super drying but Dan's moisturizer plus a few drops of Jojoba oil takes care of that completely. I do the regimen at night but not the morning (in th
  10. Dan's no expert, he only knows what worked for him. He's read studies as well but they're by no means conclusive, they can only put forward a theory based on the results of their limited trial. Theoretically a higher concentration of benzoyl peroxide would kill more of the bacteria but would cause more side effects. Give it a shot. Everyone's different - what works for some doesn't work for all.
  11. If I had that many pimples I would definitely see a dermatologist and get started on Accutane. It's a horrible drug in terms of side effects, but having 50 pimples on your face is more debilitating than anything Accutane could do to you.
  12. My current routine involves two salicylic acid washes a day (morning and after workout), moisturizing with two drops of tea tree oil added after each face wash (so 3X a day), and BP only at night. I'm reducing the amount of BP I use. It's working pretty well for me so far and takes much less time than rubbing BP in twice a day. BTW, BP shouldn't affect the crow's feet around your eyes since you shouldn't be putting it there.
  13. The actual store is danielkern.com, so the bottle could just say "Daniel Kern".
  14. Stop taking the NO Explode. Seems like a simple enough explanation to me, lay off the synthetic crap.
  15. As someone who has worked out for years and used to take creatine and considered buying other supps, and as someone who is also well versed in the sciences and did a lot of bodybuilding research, I'd advise against taking anything other than pure isolate whey protein. All these supplements are just unnecessary. Although a single ingredient might not cause you any long term damage, once you start mixing cocktails of ingredients, you never know what the long term effects could be. It's better to b