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  1. Amandagirl

    Skin soft Seems to be clogging my pores and causing break outs I have been using this product for a week. During the first 2-3 days, everything seemed ok. However a couple of days ago, I started to experience break outs that I normally do not have. I noticed excessive clogged pores and blackheads as well. I am quite disappointed as I thought this would help to prevent acne.
  2. Ok so I started using this product on a few pimples I got recently, and it truly helped a lot! I washed my face lightly then spot treat with this and leave it on overnight. I definitely saw a difference. It either completely killed the pimple or brought it to a head and it healed within a day. Definitely good so far! How is your son doing with it?
  3. You need help identifying dairy? They taught us this in elementary school. Not to mention life. You really need to start paying attention to what you eat. Eggs are not dairy, btw. And do not ditch them unless you are intolerant to them, which you have to figure out for yourself. I do not need help identifying dairy, thank you. I was looking for some constructive feed back and shared personal experiences, which most of the other people above you have kindly done. And to respond to your comme
  4. Hello everyone, I have read some research that suggests there is a correlation between dairy and sugar that leads to acne. I am a very healthy eater yet I continue to suffer with mild to moderate acne. I do not consume a lot of dairy, however, I definitely eat eggs and cheese a couple times a week. Does anyone have experience with cutting dairy out of their diet? If so, can you please share a list of main things with dairy to avoid? Thank you!!
  5. I just received this product in the mail and have not tried it yet. Lately, I have been using a little bit of BP or Sudocrem as a spot treatment. I definitely agree with what was mentioned above, your son should definitely wash at least once a day with something very gentle. I recommend Purpose Wash, its extremely gentle and noncomedogenic. It will not cause breakouts. I wash with that morning and night, spot treat with the Sudocream or little bit of BP, and use Dan's moisturizer or Cetaphil moi
  6. Thanks for your response. I am going to buy it and give it a try. I can't imagine not even being able to wash my face, though. I think I am going to wash, apply as spot treatment, then wash off and moisturize. BP has become very harsh for my skin and I am trying to find something more natural that won't make my face so irritated. I wish your son lots of good luck with it. Keep me posted!
  7. Hello, does anyone have experience with De La Cruz Sulfur Ointment?? I have researched and found some great reviews on this stuff as a spot treatment. Also, after you apply, do you wash it off or keep it on overnight? I have heard of people doing both and I am not sure which way is better. THANKS!
  8. Definitely should not be like water. You should have to squeeze it out of the bottle, like a gel. It is not very thick, however, definitely not watery.
  9. I hear that jojoba oil is very good for the skin and helpful with acne. I don't think it will harm you. Do you use Dan's moisturizer?? That has the jojoba in it, and I find his moisturizer to work really well.
  10. Yes same here.. I only get a couple pimples once and awhile so I think that's why my face is reacting to the BP. So I think I will just spot treat with it as needed. Does it work well for you??
  11. I was wondering if anyone out there bought Dan's BP and was using it as a spot treatment instead of all over the face. I cannot use it all over my face, I have struggled for months and it continues to make my face extremely itchy and red. Does anyone know if just using it as a spot treatment will be effective?? Thanks for listening!
  12. Thanks for the helpful tips.. really appreciate it. I am just weening myself off of the regimen, my skin has been reacting very strongly to the BP. I started in April. and it is now June - the redness and itchiness was terrible. I was so uncomfortable and I would not be able to fall asleep at night because my skin was so itchy and inflamed. I think I am going to use BP only as a spot treatment, along with other things. I appreciate any advice that you have, I have always been a fan of doing thin
  13. Aiden, any updates for us? Did you quit, and how is it going for you?
  14. lol I agree Wicker.. I think you are doing the right thing. It's not worth having such irritated, red, flaky skin. That probably looks worse in the long run! UPDATE: So far, my skin texture has improved A LOT. The last few days, I have only been using the BP at night, and washing and moisturizing in the morning. So far, the redness has gone down, my skin is smooth and looking alot more even. I am going to continue with this and pray that my results stay good. I have mild acne, so I'm hoping thi
  15. Yes I agree, it's so irritating.. I'm not sure if it's even worth it. I just reduced to once a night, let's see what happens! I would imagine that there has to be some kind of improvement with redness since I'm reducing the amount of BP by a lot.. I'm hoping..