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  1. I went off accutane in February--best decision ever. However, I'm wondering if my skintone has changed permanently because of accutane. Maybe it's all in my head, but I used have more of a brown tone to my skin. Now I feel like I have more of a pink tone, and freckle like crazy. I thought I grew out of my freckles years ago! I also blush constantly when embarrassed. this never used to be so obvious. anyone else experience the same thing?
  2. My period was always late and erratic on accutane when it never was before. I don't think it's a big deal....I've heard of this side effect from many people. And especially if you're young, skipping periods sometimes is pretty normal
  3. My dermatologist told me that accutane "speeds up the healing process" for red marks, which totally surprised me. Certainly not true for me though, haha.
  4. They say not to use anything, but I spot treated with Benzoyl Peroxide during the first two months. It worked well.
  5. I was scared to start too...you do hear lots of horror stories, but it is called a miracle drug by so many for a reason. I am SO GLAD I took it, my only regret is that I waited so long. There are risks involved, but there are with anything. And as my dermatologist pointed out, some of the antibiotics people are put on for forever have even worse side effects. Go for it.
  6. I'm so used to battling my skin for almost a decade now that obviously when I look in the mirror, all I check for are new zits, red marks, and scars. That's the first thing I see....and it's impossible to look at my face beyond that. I will never look in the mirror and feel okay, even though I'm supposedly "oh so gorgeous." I just wish I could see what they see, and feel good about myself for once, but I can't change how I perceive myself. I'm so tired of living life this insecure!! I'm at the p
  7. Well, they're just itty bitty whiteheads that look a little bit red around them, but barely. It's nothing like the painful cysts I used to have, but it's so disappointing to know I'm not cured completely and can't just move on with my life. Now I have to worry this will completely explode into something horrible sometime soon
  8. Yeah, I was 110 lbs and started at 80 mg/day. but I went down to 60mg just cause I was nervous...the derm said I could do either though
  9. I literally hadn't had a zit since 2009. I went off accutane in mid february, and thought I left all these tears and years of hiding behind me. But now...I am getting these tiny, mite-sized bumps on one side of my face, in an odd place I've never even gotten acne before. I tried squeezing one, and puss came out like it was a zit. But they're just so tiny...and theres lots of them and theyre spreading. You can barely see them, but I can feel them. I just wanted to know if this is a sign I'm go
  10. I got it done the entire time I was on accutane. love it! It feels like plucking, just a lot at the same time.
  11. Is it possible to experience accutane withdrawl? I went off it about two weeks ago and I've never felt worse in my life. I'm tired all the time, I've been crying constantly, and my sex drive is nonexistent to the point where i feel like it will never come back... this has never happened to me before. normal? why AFTER accutane?
  12. Think of it as a battle....acne can't win. Screw you acne. When it comes down to it, you can either live your life to the fullest with acne, or stay miserable and depressed with acne. I mean which would you rather choose? I know it's WAY easier said than done...I know how much it sucks and I totally feel for you. but just know that acne can't control you unless you let it. And 22 is still young. Don't worry! Most peoples lives are just starting in their early 20s.
  13. 1) at first-itchy scalp and dandruff (went away after 1st month) red face, flushing easier than usual dry lips (not too bad) irritated stinging eyes & a couple nosebleeds (could just be from extra dry air this winter though) eczema coming back full force tired & foggy headed 2) How did you cope with the side effects of Accutane? just using over the counter lotions for eczema...isn't anything dire but i could get a prescription for it if i really needed, taking eyedrops everyday and no
  14. I feel that way too...totally lazy and ridiculously scatterbrained...I really annoy myself sometimes but I figure it's worth it and only temporary