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  1. Hi guys, WARNING: long post I am back to this website after two years of being clear on Finacea gel. I used to take solodyn but then gradually weaned myself off of solodyn and been simply using finacea for the past 2 years. love finacea-my skin stayed clear the whole time-maybe one minor pimple every couple of months or so. About three months ago I developed a weird spot that would not go away on my lower cheek (did not look like a pimple but looked like a fungal infection). si
  2. All right. I am back to report. It has been two weeks and a day since I COMPLETELY stopped the solodyn. I meant to alternate my antibiotic and antibiotic-free days but kept forgetting to alternate so I am completely off the antibiotic that I had taken for over 3 years. And, my face has been clear the whole time. I have been religiously applying the Finacea gel at night. Nothing else. Well, one thins that is kind of peculiar: i have a painful cyst right on my hairline near my left temple. I do n
  3. day five of alternating my antibiotic and antibiotic-free days. actually I have been skipping the solodyn for 2 days in a row now. so far nothing to report. skin is still clear, and I am still using finacea at night. I am thinking of getting a bha solution to add to my regimen, and alternate finacea and bha at night. I have been been doing a lot of research on the internet about the whole BHA thing, and I really like what i've been reading. Addie: my skin is I think what you'd call combination
  4. I am glad to hear that your cyst is getting better. I absolutely hate those. Since I like picking at my pimples whenever I get a cyst I always mess with it and therefore aggravate it even further In my experience they go away faster if left alone. which for me is a no-can-do-ski. yaz should zip your other pustules right up though. keep us posted!
  5. this morning I skipped the solodyn. will take it tomorrow. nothing to report as it is just the first day of the weaning process. will definitely take it tomorrow though as I am simply scared. I do not want to break out again and then work on clearing the acne up. I'd rather do maintenance to keep my face clear. Addie: question for you: i know you said you have sensitive skin. Well I am wondering if that BHA stuff makes your face peel at all. My skin is ultra sensitive, and I absolutely hate it w
  6. Hi Addie, I am happy to hear about your Yaz experience. I took Yaz myself for bcp and acne fcor a few months before my husband had a vasectomy done, and I was completely clear on it. No side effects. No mood swings or anything. And I am very prone to mood swings he-he During my Yaz months I did not even do the antibiotic, and was still clear. Like someone said it wokrs for some people, and may not work for everyone. You might just be the one in the first category. Anyways keep it up for at le
  7. Hi Wendy, Sorry to hear about your daughter's father. I wanted to mention that I have what I think is stress induced acne as well. Never had acne until I went through a messy ugly divorce, and my face has been going downhill since then. I know you mentioned that yours started getting worse after your daughter's dad getting killed. Stress can sometimes do a lot of damage to our bodies and well faces, too. And the funny thing is now I am happily remarried but still dealing with ugly acne I am no
  8. 2hot4you

    leaves skin baby smooth; does not irritate or cause bothersome peeling; promotes fast heeling of pimples; unclogs poors if you use too much it causes a tingling sensation; more of a preventative acne solution versus a treatment did wonders for me. suffered from acne for almost 4 years. keeps my skin soft and touchable. not a pore in sight! i use it every night even though you are supposed to use it twice a say. my skin is waaaay too sensitive for the twice a day thing: once at night is just rig
  9. Allright. Skin is crystal clear again after a week of using the Solodyn. Tomorrow I am starting to wean myself off of it. I am going to skip the solodyn tomorrow and take it every other day for a couple of weeks and see how it goes. I am also going to continue applying Finacea at night as that seems to be a miracle product in terms of skin's overall texture. My skin is soooo soft and smooth. Not a pore in sight. I am hoping it is going to stay that way as I am weaning myself off of years of th
  10. I do not drink sodas, do not drink milk and still break out. I am sure water is the best thing for overall health and well being. It does not help with my acne though. I eat healthy, work out, no junk food, take care of my skin and still break out. I am happy that you were cleared up on you water regimen. I just wish water would give me the same results with my skin.
  11. Ok. coming off the Solodyn cold turkey was not a good idea. This past weekend I broke out on my forehead and on my cheeks. I have about 10 zits on my forehead, and it looks really bad. I am actually contemplating cutting my bangs just to cover up this mess. I have cut my bangs before to hide my acne, and have always regretted it since my hair is sort of wavy, and then I have to use the flat iron to make the bangs look decent and not go in crazy directions. So I am going to try to hold off on th
  12. OK. yesterday I officially stopped the solodyn and will be on finacea only. so far so good. no breakouts. had a whitehead on my forehead yesterday but it went away overnight after i put finacea on it. i am praying once i stop the solodyn the acne does not come back. let us see what happens. will update this in a couple of days. has anyone had success coming off antibiotics and going to topicals only? anyone?
  13. I have battled with acne for about 3-4 years now. It started after a majorly debilitating stressful event in my life, and persisted since then. I get acne on my cheeks and on my forehead when I eat too much sweets and sugar, and never on my nose or chin. Weird. After trying a bunch of holistic remedies I lost hope and went to a derm who put me on Solodyn 45 mg. I've been on it since then. I tried topicals but have been unable to find one that would work without irritating my ultra sensitive sk
  14. I had clear skin as a teenager ( I am 28 now), and after a major life stress my face completely freaked out, and I started breaking out. Tried almost every holistic remedy out there (various supplements, herbs, colon and liver cleanses); could not figure it out. Went to a derm 3 years ago, and he put me on 45 mg Solodyn. Been taking that ever since. I am not 100% clear all the time but fairly close to it. I also use Clyndamicin gel as a topical occasionally. Even though Solodyn seems to be wor
  15. I am actually from Russia originally, and once knew someone who had their acne treated using this blood infusion method. That person had severe cystic acne which cleared up beautifully after the treatment. I then did not see that person for about a year, and when I bumped into her accidentally I noticed that her acne had come back. I did not ask her about it since it is a very sensitive topic, and I would not have appreciated if someone asked me something like that. But apparently the blood infu