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  1. Sounds like to me your skin needs to get rid of unwanted skin cells EXFOLIATE! should help a fair bit. Heres what i tend to do. Fill up your kettle with water and set it to heat. Find a container. Pour the boiling water into it. Lean your face over the container with a towel wrapped round your head to allow all the heat and steam onto your face ( this will losen and unwanted/dead cells) allow this for about 15mins or as much as you can take. Then use a facial scrub perhaps som
  2. I know I know back to basics. But the other day whilst looking into the bathroom mirror thinking probably like most ''why i dont i have spots on forehead/chin/nose etc etc'' the non acne prone places i harshly scrub everyday I noticed alot of my spots were red and slighty stingy.What more to do worse was annoy them even more but RUBBING onto them over and over. So i decided to slightly change my moring regimen about a bit Since 3 Days ago Ive been showering first - Any temp Then after
  3. I myself have recently stopped smoking hash daily since 2 weeks ago.. Tbh not much change, but usually after a few joints my skin felt much greasyer and unpleasent.Unthough its classed as an anti-inflam smoking alot of those nasty toxins inside and around your body wont be doing your skin much favours. As for brownies i give you an all clear and happy trip
  4. Perahps grow it to the length you find suited, if any problems side sweep or get it cut to a side style.But i wouldnt want to give advice like that....Can Vary from person to person. I had huge hippie hair (grease to the max) bout 3 spots a week. Now have short hair, more like 3 a day ha