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  1. After 5 years of trying many antibiotics and topical antibiotics from my GP trying to rid my adult acne, I have never seen results like this before and only after 13 days! I ALSO STOPPED TAKING MY TETRALYSAL AFTER A COUPLE DAYS ON THE REGIMEN as I wanted to quit long term antibiotics and I have had NO SKIN FLARE UP AT ALL. As I am in the UK I have sourced my own products. The moisturiser was the biggest problem for me as I get spots using most moisturisers. My Nan brought me a spare bottle of h
  2. mentalmango


    It's amazing what a lot of Covermark can do!
  3. I had this problem until I started using Maxfactor Mineral Foundations. The one in the plastic tube thing with the brush in the top. They do a bronzer too and it's fabulous! Definately worth a try.
  4. I'm 25 and I've had Inflammatory Acne since I was 20.
  5. Zineryt is a wonder drug for topical application! My skin was great after a few days. I've been using it for 3 weeks. The only thing that Zineryt can not tackle is those horrible big nodules that I get! Arrrrrrrrrgh!!!! It sounds as though you don't have those though so I hope it worked for you!
  6. Hi! The best ever concealer is Covermark Face Magic. Its non comedogenic and it is available in a range of shades. It gives maximum and I mean MAXIMUM coverage to scarring. Other than when I have a flare up of bad lumps you can't even tell that I have had acne. It's quite pricey for a small tube but you only need a tiny tiny amount andit last for like 6months. I get mine from skinlight.co.uk. I don't bother buying the finishing powder, I just use the Face Magic then a mineral bronzer over
  7. Christiano Ronaldo does have severe acne, or he did have at one point in his life. I've seen him in a bar in Manchester and it is more than 'a few spots'. He's still arrogant though!