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  1. I'm on accutane at the moment and it's working great! But I need some advice concerning kissing. Because my lips are very dry I have to apply a lot of lip balm. There's this girl I would really like to kiss but I'm scared my lips will feel to dry, or that they might have some lip balm on them. Thanks!
  2. I remember that I used to make fun with a guy with zits when I was 9 years old or so. You just don't know what you're doing when you're a kid, and you say everything that comes up in your mind. Now I have acne. I still don't believe in karma Overall I was a very friendly boy, I still am. But at least acne made me realise things I didn't knew before (that you can hurt people with very few words).
  3. I have those thing all the time, they aren't pimples and are completely healthy. Don't exaggerate please, it isn't ugly at all.
  4. I feel so sorry for your girlfriend. Acne trouble is meaningless when you compare it to leukaemia. Good luck for you both!
  5. Hello, everywhere I'm reading that I shouldn't touch my skin. But I thought it was ok when you just pop the whiteheads. Isn't it so that when you don't pop whiteheads they can get infected? Sometimes I have these huge ones and I can't walk on the street when they are on my face. So I just woud lake to know, definitely, what I need to do. - Do not touch your skin at all (even whiteheads)? or - Pop whiteheads, leave the rest untouched? Thanks
  6. I have troubles with depression and I took Roaccutane, however my derm didn't know that I had trouble. It has been a year now and my acne is back (I took a light accutane course). My derm doesn't want to prescribe accutane because I mentioned afterwards that I had these bad feelings. It is important to know that I had these melancholic periods before I took accutane. It has a slight effect on you but at the same time you know what's causing your bad feelings, so it is possible to think otherwise
  7. The main cause of acne are hormones. Maybe yours are under control and that happened just at the time when you stopped taking those products. Don't take to drastic conclusions. Not every skin works the same.
  8. When I was a kid and in my first years as a teenager I was a very happy person. But I remember that I sometimes just made fun of other people's appearence. I didn't do it to harm them, I think I wanted to be cool or something. I think I did that because I always was very small for my age and wanted to show how cool I was. But in general I remained a friendly boy. Now, since I have acne I realise what a burden something superficial as looks can be. I started developing acne when I was 15 years o
  9. Acne on your chin isn't quite nice, I know. But instead of looking away from people just look them in the eye, fuck the acne. There's plenty of time to live, in the end a couple of years with acne aren't that bad.
  10. First I would like to say what a blessing this site is for me. I thought I was the only one who hated his acne so much. But this site has show me that a lot of people deal with this mess. Altough I'm not always a good example of what is a good way to handle acne in everyday life I sometimes get the impression that we're exagerating. When I talk with my parents or friends about my acne they are always surprised how much I'm frustrated about this skin condition. I realise that it feels better whe
  11. Having troubles with depression myself I understand what a burden acne can be on top of that. I always think that I'm not able to work on my psychological health when I have acne. I have the impression that it's putting me away from all the "serious stuff" in life. But I came to understand that you can't blame acne for everything. I noticed when I started taking Roaccutane a year ago and my skin became clear it pretty much didn't change anything in my mind. So I started changing my behaviour and
  12. Hello, Could anyone tell me what is the proper way to use Diacneal. Do you only have to apply it on spots or on the whole skin? I've been using it for almost two weeks and haven't noticed a lot of change. Thanks
  13. Smoking makes your skin dry out and dry skin gives you more acne. I guess weed has the same effect. I notice that when I smoke a lot in one night that the next days I have more zits. Now I'm going to quit smoking for a while so I hope I can give you more information later on.
  14. You can't join the Navy when you have acne? That's stupid (not that I'm planning to join it). Do they tell you why?
  15. Hey, I'm just going to tell my story here. I don't expect some advice, although comments would be nice but I just want to write down how I feel (also I would like to apologize for my English) I got acne when I was 15 or so. My puberty came late so it was quite normal to get acne so late in my teens. It wasn't exactly fun to get acne but in that age it wasn't such a big problem... Most of my friends and people I knew had it. I thought it would go over when I was fully grown. But now when I'm t