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  1. Guess I haven't posted on here for like 3 months?? Man, time flies... Ok, sooo. I'm currently on month 5 of Doxycycline. Last month when I went to the derm, he wanted me to do at least one more month and said this could be the final one! It really has gone by fast, so don't be discouraged if you're in your first couple of months. An update on side effects..I think on my last post, I mentioned my heels hurting. The pain went away, I usually only feel it if I bang my heel on something. My hair is
  2. 21/f, 140 lbs, 80mg every other day/40 mg every other day, moderate/severe acne with t-zone breakouts, occasional cysts, and chest/back acne
  3. It's the day after Christmas, so I'm almost 2 and a 1/2 months into Claravis. I'm still taking 1 40 mg every other day, and 2 40mg's every other day. Last visit to the derm was Dec. 16th and my derm said that my triglycerides were a little high, but said it wasn't high enough to take me off my dosage. If they get higher by my next visit, he's going to be lowering my dosage. So update on my progress...my hair is still a lot drier than before I starter claravis. I pretty much can go a week (i
  4. Update! The biggest thing I'm noticing right now is my hair! I have pretty fine hair, so i normally would only be able to go a day without washing it. I washed my hair Tuesday, and now today (Friday) I just washed it. I probably could have gone another day. That's crazy! So I guess the oil production is being slowed down... As far as my skin...it's definitely drier but nothing too intense. Certain parts where there were old or current breakouts dry out pretty quick and peel a little bit. I still
  5. I had the same question before I went..I was going to work right after and was pretty insecure when I went because my skin was at its worst. I wore makeup and my derm didn't say anything. I just explained to him my skin's appearance: red/inflammed, etc. He seemed cool with it and didn't ask me to take my make up off. It was kind of uncomfortable because I've never been to a doctor for my acne, where their job is to look at your skin. I could just see him scanning everything and was like noo! Goo
  6. Hey, I just wanted to let you know that you crack me up. I really like the way you write about the horrors of living with acne in a humorous way. I can really relate with a lot of the stuff you're saying...like being in a conversation and not meeting that person's eyes, when you know they're looking at your acne either way, whether you look at them or not. I've been known to scan out the lighting so that my zits won't create a nasty monstrous looking shadow. haha. The whole makeup thing is so
  7. Hey guys, I feel like a grandma or something using this site trying to figure out where to post and all that. I guess this is the way I can do a daily update on my progress? Anyway, I started accutane 2 Wednesdays ago, and let me tell you I was exxxccciiited to get my prescription. I was prescribed a pretty high dose: 80mg 1 day, and 40 mg the next. I hear that back/chest acne is tougher to get rid of so maybe that's why I started so high? A little about my skin...I've had breakouts all t
  8. Hey! I just became a user on this site. I've been keeping up with people's blogs, and it's super encouraging! Little about my skin...I had mild acne starting about half way through high school, I usually would break out on my t-zone and would be pretty oily. In college it got a bit worse and occasionally I would have a pretty painful red breakout along my jawline. I definitely have had the chest and back acne for a while which sucks pretty bad. So pretty much since high school I've always had