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  1. Mmmm I'm a dude so I completely understand what you're going through. Although I'm gay (haha), I definitely can appreciate wanting to look natural. I recommend Mac's Studio Moisture Tint--this is a sheer, very low-coverage (just to even out skin tone) tinted moisturizer that is so easy to blend and gives you a natural finish (very hard to cake this up). It retails for around $30 which can be pricey, but definitely worth it. As for a primer--that can help. Although top brand primers such as MAC
  2. Thanks! I just wanted to give a more visual/verbal account for my regimen.
  3. Here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2sF1Ky1jcYE Here's the link to the prior board I made regarding my supplement regimen: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/absolutel...ta-t251812.html I hope it helps!
  4. I say the fish oil is necessary. It helps with hormonal acne.
  5. Nope, it's not stalling when I'm giving my body what it needs. And as a result, I barely get any acne. My body needs these nutrients and when I don't get it through my diet, taking these supplements have helped me tremendously. And BS? Nah. It keeps me discipline and I'm acne free I'm happy, and that's all that matters
  6. For your first question; zinc picolinate, vitamin A, and Niacin would work great! That's currently what I take And I wouldn't take another zinc. Only take the recommended dose, overdosing is not safe.
  7. I recommend the MAC Microfine Refinisher. It contains microfine, micro-filled crystals that help exfoliate extremely. I've been using it and it works really well
  8. Thank you, I appreciate your comments! I will definitely check out that book
  9. If you're use to the 100/250mg Niacin flush, then a 500mg flush will most likely make you turn red for about 30 minutes. If 500mg is your first time trying Niacin, then you're going to get really red for about 45min-1hr. The flush, although somewhat intense depending on your prior history usage and dosage, doesn't last long.
  10. I love love love MAC's Mineralized SPF 15 Foundation/Loose because it's so microfine and if you want to build more coverage, it all still looks like one layer! Absolutely love it, although it can be pricey at $30, I found my exact perfect shade at MAC Before I use to use Bareminerals but I could never find the right color so I switched over to MAC. However, I hear Bareminerals now has more color choices so that's great
  11. If you're reffering to 'cheat' as eating whatever I want, then yes. But I also exercise (in the form of dance + sit ups), but I have no regular routine about it. Now I dont overdose on these pills--I take the recommended amount that is not toxic. These supplements have allowed me to do whatever and whenever, so I'm really happy about it. The last time I got a pimple was...maybe 2 weeks ago? Once I get my acne marks out of the way or to the point where I can feel confident, I will start wean
  12. I actually RECOMMEND MAC products. Sure some people have reported breakouts, but many have not. It all depends on your skin, which is unique. Why not try it out? I will say that MAC mineralized SPF 15 Foundation loose powder has not broken me out and, of all the loose powders I have tried in the past, has covered the best. Unlike Neutrogena, MAC is extremely finely milled. The coverage is medium-buildable and if you put another layer on, it won't look cakey! It looks as if you have one layer (de
  13. You're welcome! (: I'm glad you like it as much as I do too :D