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  1. This sounds like either seborrheic eczema or rosacea, probably rosacea given the little red lesions. These two conditions can be quite difficult sometimes to distinguish between, particularly when rosacea is at an early stage. If you flush after a shower that does sound quite like rosacea. You could try Solgar MSM 1000mg once per day (I use this for rosacea it works very well for both the flushing and the spots and you can get it at health food shops). MSM also works quite well for seborrhei
  2. What vitamin c based products for scars cost over $200?
  3. Hello I wondered if anyone had actually tried the inviciblescars product. It's a new product and its website certainly sounds quite authoritative, but whether it would really work on acne scars I'm not sure. There are a few very positive reviews about it on the net - I've not actually seen any negative ones yet, but this makes me suspicious as to whether the company has posted them itself or someone associated. Would be good to get some more feedback on it. I appreciate a lot of people won'
  4. Hello I wondered if anyone had any success in reducing scarred pores on their nose with any products? My skin is very oily here, so I think that products like Rose hip oil and bio-oil that might work elsewhere to reduce these scars would not work well - the rose hip oil makes me break out on my nose. Products like Retin-A and Finacea might help a little I think, but wondered if anyone had any other suggestions? Thanks very much.