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  1. I'm on my 6 or 7th day and I've started to experience some back pain well on accutane. I still want to do the full session because I hate my acne and don't want scars when I'm older so I was just wondering, should I switch to 20mg instead? Will this cut down on some of the pack pain? Also if someone else experienced back pain(lower back area) well on Accutane, can you tell me what you did to resolve it, or if it goes away after using Accutane? Thanks
  2. When did most people start to feel dry faces and dry lips? It's my third day and I haven't really noticed much. Except for the fact alot of zits are coming to the top of my face, which I guess mean's my face is drying up.
  3. I am wondering this to since I just started accutane yesterday and just had my second pill. My facial hair grows back pretty quickly and when I have a beard I look messed up with my acne so I would like to know if I could shave or not.
  4. If you have a camera it would be great if you could post a picture, thanks.
  5. Hello everybody, I'm getting accutane finally on Wednesday and I have a few questions for you experts. Anyways, 1)I weigh 130Lb and I have serve acne, what will/should my dose be and how long will it take?(15yrs old, 16 dec,15,09) 2)Will accutane get rid of blackheads? 3)Will accutane get rid of some minor scars caused from acne? 4)What type of lip balm should I use? (I live in Canada) 5)What type of moisturizer should I use( I live in canada) 6)I heard accutane basically trys ur skin up and
  6. Hey all, I just came back from the doctor saying that I will be prescibed accutane in a few weeks after I get my blood done and go to the dermintologist. My question is, Does accutane make your liver toxic? Also what foods and stuff should I not take/do well on accutane? -Josh