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  1. the regimen > differin *x100* been doing it for a month now and my skin is 99% clear, did differin for a year, really didn't do much at all..
  2. Heyas, I just wanted to share some information to all the other sufferers out there ^^. A fair while ago (around 10 months) I went to the doctor regarding my body acne and got subscribed some medicines and topical treatments like differin and eryacne. The oral medication was working ok and the topicals were doing crap all so it wasn't really clearing it up fully, so my doctor got me to use "Benzac AC wash" 10% (now using 5%).All it requires is you to apply it like a normal soap on your acne pron
  3. You can find BP that comes as a shower wash, so the only thing that really gets bleached is your towel
  4. all the pharmacies i've been to have it, it's called 'Benzac AC wash', just ask them next time you go
  5. Swimming worked so well to clear up my acne on my face, chest and back, it was hard to bare my acne for the world to see but hey, I knew it was only going to get better from there on so i swum atleast 3 times a week and before i knew it my skin cleared up Not to mention your body also becomes more toned and you feel much more confident ^^.
  6. I used differin and frankly, it did nothing to treat my body acne Luckily though I don't think my acne was quite as severe as some others as benzoyl peroxide has cleared it right up, I got BP shower wash so the only thing that bleaches is my towel