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  1. GallardoGrl

    Your skin will clear up, exfoliate at a rapid rate and begin to look better than you could have ever imagined. You will acquire a new found confidence! Dry lips...thats about it? If you have acne that wont go away, it clears up and comes back, it is causing you stress and emotional pain DO THIS! i have had acne on and off since i wasw 13, i am now 23 and wish i would have done this ten years ago. Its amazing stuff, it really works :)
  2. Well i was very excited and nervous today! It was my derm appointment for my follow up for month three of taking claravis 40 mg per day. Well this is the start of month three, which is really exciting! I have broken out my entire course so far, not badly and in fact I didn't even really mind breaking out because I could see that it was coming from underneath my skin, it was stuff that needed to come out! I had all these little bumps under the surface, the stuff you can't get to no matter how
  3. Sooo my skin hasn't exactly cleared per say...but its more so smoothed out over the past three weeks. I still am actively getting acne. I don't think it is quite as bad as before I started though and it seems to clear up prett quickly. So even though some of the cysts and spots look big and scary, they are gone within a few days. My boyfriend mentioned that he thought my skin looked like it was getting better and then of course within a day or two I had two huge cysts on my forehead (whe
  4. So, today was day 11 of Claravis 40 mg a day. I honestly haven't experienced many side effects thus far...my lips were a tad dry today, but nothing uncontrollable. I have been having a bit of an initial breakout, but its very light and the pimples clear quickly. My skin is peely, but I was already used to that from using retinoids beforehand. So really, nothing new... My scalp is pretty itchy...i hope it doesn't flake! I am trying to stay positive and just put everything in the hands
  5. Soooo glad to hear that your treatment is going well! I have an appointment tomorrow with my derm to discuss accutane! i actually am really excited! I hope things continue to go well for you! Keep us updated :)

  6. I have to updated this note. I have use Dial ANtibacteria and it works great but on your face it seems i work well for the next 2-3 days but then it seem it would irritate my skin by absorving too much moisture/oil. I recommended on my back. It did wonders, I never, let me repeat Never saw fast results like that in my back, my back is 95%clear just washing with dial antibacteria. Its wonderfull

  7. I feel your pain darling! I have had acne all throughout my teens and now at 22 it has come back...not worse than ever...but stilL! I"M freaking not 13 anymore go awayyyy! I went to see a derm today for my first time...like you, I want it gone for good. I was prescribed minocylin, epiduo as a topical and birth control. I suggest you do see a derm, mine was very knowledgeable and she also seems aggressive. She said if this doesnt work within 2 to 3 months she is putting me on accutane jus
  8. This gives me a lot of hope! I just TODAY went to the derm for the 1st time in my life (never trusted them...) i was prescribed minocyclin and epiduo which is a retinoid. Also...the birth control pill odly enough... I'm hopeful, but worried that its goign to get a lot worse first. I'm scared of being overdry...any suggestions? I would greatly appreciate some feedback on what to expect/advice on combating dryness...