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  1. Hey Gyro, I go to the dermatologist at St John of God Hospital at Murdoch. He's really good, his name is Dr Singh. a monthly prescription costs about 35 dollars a month, which is not a bad price considering the stuff actually works!
  2. Well then where am I up to...... approaching mid 5th month? Yeah. So basically, same old same old... Just taking my daily doses, no new actives or anything like that. Red marks need get f*cked though, they are lingering. I am getting easily sun burnt some days, because i'll look down at my ankles and my hands and they will be bright red! may I remind you it is still winter here! Apart from all that, dry lips are a killer, dry skin is easily manageable with any decent moisturizer, i use Cetaphil
  3. Well today I woke up with a decently sized whitehead on my neck. I know it's nothing compared to you all, but when you've got clear and your onto your 5 th month of this damn drug you really hope to have gotten rid of everything by now. Don't know how long I'll be on the drug now, originally I thought I'd be off after my 5th or so month. I just gotta keep poppin the pillss.
  4. new pics everyyyybody. this is me approaching my 5th month of accutane. blergh.bmp blergh_2.bmp blergh.bmp blergh_2.bmp
  5. Thought I might drop in for another post Well yesterday I got my bloodwork done yet again, I have got to the point where I really don't like blood tests now, as quick as they are it's just not pleasant at all haha. My skin is, well pretty much perfect but I still have red marks and all that left over sha-bang. Hopefully they clear up before the end of the year, I have leavers in November! Got no new side effects, which over the course I am very grateful for.. I go to see the derm on Tuesd
  6. Today was funny, this girl that has hated me for about two years (because I didn't want to date her and it evolved into her getting mad) was talking to my mate. I walked up and started talking to him only for her to say "nice lips idiot" (my lips of course being chapped). Me being me, i just simply said "nice face f*ckhead, 2 years later I know ya still want me cutie" and walked off. Like it or not, but she was a bitch and I don't like bitches Anyway, skin is good.. I've now started to use e
  7. keep poppin those pills, seriously. I just started month four maybe about two weeks ago, but i didnt start clearing up until where you are up to now. But hey, some people show results in 1 month, some not until 6! your at 3 and a half months, accutane is still flushing out all the pimples you just don't want to ever see again . If your going through a breakout now, just keep fighting because accutane may cause it all to come up, but it can get rid of it in a heart beat too. Stay strong crazy09!
  8. Thinking of it like moving is interesting, never really thought of it like that. It sucks because I still just want her, instead of the next one. Anyways, to those who have seen my photo's; you should see similar results. For me the first 3 months were all of my acne coming up and out, but going into the 4th month accutane has killed it all off. Now only red marks remain. Back and face of course. What do you guys use for the red marks?
  9. Thanks for the nice posts guys. oh and a big thanks to crazy09, she really helped me out a alot... so give her a clap My skin keeps getting better and better.. I never ever get white heads anymore.. ever. I still have a little bit of stuff under the jaw line, a few faint red marks around the mouth area from all this crap I had a month ago, and my red marks on my back ( which i want gone by summer but I don't know if they will). No new side effects, just taking my life as it comes. I really
  10. Hey guys. I don't know how much I'll be posting for now, as yesterday my girlfriend of 14 months broke up with me and I have little motivation to do anything. The worst part was that she had the nerve to wish me happy 14 months before the day she did it. Anyways... I'm going to go take a nap. I hope everyones courses are going well. I'll feel better in a couple of weeks I know. It's just this initial heart break. Take care everyone.
  11. Heres pictures after 3 full months completed on 40 mg a day. I've seen a lot of improvement, so much that I just had a glance at the photos I posted one month ago and almost shat myself. so here I am, starting month 4. ++++ BY THE WAY... I just woke up in these photos haha. I'm probably only half way, but I'm stoked already. front_1.bmp front_2.bmp left_1.bmp right_1.bmp
  12. I thought I might update now, since I'm 2 days away from completing 3 full months of Accutane and now about to progress onto my fourth. Over the past two weeks I have seen some nice little improvements to my face, as I speak I have no pimples on my face, AT ALL. However, under the jaw I have these under the skin pimples that I am VERY accustomed to, and have been for years and they are very hard to get rid of. I expect them to go last of course. They are virtually invisible unless I stretch my
  13. good luck. I'm 17 too. I'm almost 3 months into my course. You'll get clear no worries.
  14. Well I thought i would drop in for another post. I had a good look at my back today and there is seriously 10-20% active acne now, no cysts no nothing really.. but i've been left with scattered red marks. Is there anything you all would recommend for the red that have been left on my back? Face is doing fine, breakouts are becoming rare now. Again, I think I'm mostly left with the after marks. I have Bio-Oil and Aloe Vera Gel, will they help?
  15. I'm 17 too, goooooooooooooood luck on your course. I'm about 10 weeks in now, starting to see results now. I'll keep checking in on your log.