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  1. I'm switching now. Tired of Dan's. This is awesome. No crap on my face all day long and feels pretty good. Takes 1/3 of the time aswell. So think I should use the BP morning and night with the SA. And maybe the SA a third time mid day if needed?
  2. I will get some just couldnt find any that day. So using in the shower would be fine? Hoping this stuff will get rid of the red spots... What about using the cleanser more than 2 times a day? Not needed? Like if I take shower half way through the day because of sports, would I need to use some more of the Blackhead Clearing Scrub, and just use the Continuous Control for nightime use. Just wondering.
  3. Ok I just got the C&C blackhead clearing scrub but Walmart didnt have any clean & clear continuous control at the time. Guess I need to go back and get some. I used the Blackhead scrub and then applied Dan's BP right after in place of the Continuous Control for the time being. Was wondering if the C and C scrubs would be ok if I used them in the shower? Seems easier to rinse and what not and cut some time in the morning using it in the shower. Also wondering if the BP gel would be ok in
  4. What about in the shower. Should I still was with the Cetaphil soap or not?
  5. Hmm. This is a whole lot of stuff to be using. I was thinking about switching over to C and C products that people are talking about. The SA and BP washes. Heard it is supposed to clear redness better and less drying.
  6. Alright I think I have had acne for about 4 years now. Sucks real bad as we all know but after I have been using the Regimen for about 3 weeks now the acne is fairly cleared up. Only problem is that I have red spots covering my face. They aren't too bad but kinda are. As the day goes on they get redder and redder. They look better after I cleanse. When I apply the BP the spots get red I think just from rubbing them but then they lighten up. I guess these marks are just from the acne from the pas
  7. I use neutrogena facial soap stuff that is non fragrent in the shower to cleanse my face. Once I get out I wait about 15 minutes and but on the BP. In that 15 minutes my face gets kinda dry and you can see like the peelie things around all the red marks. So I slap the BP on and it goes away and my face gets pretty red. Then after like 15 minutes it gets dryish again and you can see the peelie stuff on my skin. It usually has less red but it's red from the previous acne I guess. They seem to be c