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  1. I went back on Retin-A after a 6 month hiatus. I have the same problem as I did all previous times. My face gets SO sensitive, that even the most sensitive moisturizer burns like hell when i put it on. Right now I'm using plain Neutrogina for sensitive skin. I've tried Cetaphil but it hurts so bad. Do I just suck it up and let it sting or is there something else i should try? I've searched all over this site but I haven't come across anyone who can't handle boring Neutrogina
  2. It is week #4 of my doryx, retin a-micro .1% and duac regimen as prescribed by my derm. Just this week, my face has been extremely oily all day. When i wash it in the morning and put the duac on, two hours later it will look like I greased my face with butter. Has this happened to anyone else?