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  1. http://www.drugstore.com/qxp16575_333181_s...ce_and_body.htm http://www.bulkforcheap.com/oxybalshowge.html Those are the 2 links I found. Not sure if they are the same product. They are labelled differently but I think they are the same.
  2. I'm using 10Grams a day....and I am not using anything else but a multivitamin. Granted I have found a skin regimend that is working for me. But I was still oily. The oil production did lessen after the first 25 hours
  3. You are saying you need a gentle cleanser. Is it that your skin is sensitive and using all these harsh products is irritating it causing it to breakout? That's what happened to me. When I started breaking out in my early twenties I instantly reverted to. I need potent acne fighting stuff...took me 3 years aka recently to figure out that my skin was sensitive. I am using stuff sepcifically for sensitive skin. And NOW I am clearing up. I wish I knew this earlier
  4. it has also said that Vitamin A can ssoften bones...increasing the risk of fracture and breakage. And Vitamin b5 aka pantothenic acid is not that expensive. At 10G a day you need 3 bottles of 1,000mg time release 100 count. Those are about 14 and change each so you are spending about 45 a month. Not that bad
  5. Yeah man...my face is clearing up now..but when it wasn't I was using cover up...made my benefit....now of course I didn't go out and by it myself.....my ex gf went and bought it for me...I asked her to get what she thought would go with my face. I would say find it online....but then again you may get the wrong color..the is the risk you take
  6. You know my face is doing good now that I have been using the Dermalogica Sensitive skin line, but my skin has always been more oily. I mean I am sure there is oilier skin than mine out there, but I get pretty oily. So I read up about b5 and how it works. If you don't produce enough of the coenzyme-A yourself to metabolise fats and sugars then it excretes through your pores making oily skin. Well if that's how it works it makes sense. So, I started taking B5 for that to make my skin less oily an
  7. I use Neutrogena Skin Clearing Shave Cream, it seems to work good for me. I have sensitive skin. Not just sensitive to chemical stuff, but just sensitive to anything that goes on my face could cause pores to clog up. This stuff doesn't effect what I am doing with my skin care regimen. And, my skin care regimen is: Morning and Evening Dermalogica Ultra Calming Cleanser Dermalogica Soothing Protection Spray, follow immediately by Dermalogica Barrier Repair Dermalogica Total Eye care *aroun
  8. as for every company they want to make sales, but I don't think that diminishes the quality of the dermalogica product. I mean all the top estheticians at pretty much EVERY salon carry dermalogica. As well as some others like Jan Marini and their bio-glycolic line. But, I dont' think all the pro's would be using if it wasn't good. I mean I have talked to a few estheticians now and they all say the same thing. Dermalogica, Dermalogica, Dermalogica. They use dermalogica to treat every skin conditi
  9. I'll give it that you have to find the right products of Dermalogica for your face. But dermalogica is far from rubbish. I mean I started wtih stuff that was for acne, and it was too harsh for my face. So, I was still breaking out. I thought the same thing, maybe NOTHING is good enough for my face. So i went to even a stronger cleanser moisturizer combo that they have. Still nothing. Well then I tried the sensitive skinline. And, it is working great. Getting better everyday, and all the little b
  10. I posted an add about Dermalogica Products that may seem like an add but it's not. I am using it currently, and it is curing me. Dermalogica products are the best out there. Of course you have to find out which combination of their's works the best for you. Ithought I needed harsh stuff that would really treat acne. Come to find my skin was breaking out from irritation. I am using their sensitive skin products now and it's working great. Every esthetician out there will tell you use Dermalogica.
  11. I too found myself with my skin being sensitive. I posted a topic about Dermalogica Skin care products. I think you might find it interesting to read. Please do. Chris
  12. Just sharing my experience that I have had. As a teenager I had normal acne hear and there etc. Then about 18 and a half I really got it under control and till about 22 and a half my skin was REALLY good. Figured I had passed everything etc. Right about then I starting getting breakouts. And, they got consistently got worse. I tried all kind of skin care products, and all different variations, and this has been going on now for the last almost 3 years. I have tried everything under the sun. See