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  1. I've been thinking lately that maybe I am too attached to outcomes, as in thinking I'll only be happy once I have clear skin (or when I make a lot of money etc. etc.). The way my skin looks has become deepset in my subconscious. I'm going to start just focusing more on appreciating what I do have, maybe that'll help. Do you think you could you be happy even if your skin never got better?
  2. Damn that’s hardcore, you must have that script memorized. And agreed, it doesn’t go down in the list of classic movies that I never get tired of watching. Action flicks are a tricky breed, it’s got to be good cinematographically speaking etc. etc., and also appeal to that primal part of the brain that wants to see shit blow up.

    1. Yeah I saw it on Friday night. I thought it was stupid too, but just in a stupid way lol. I was disappointed, cause there wasn’t even one real good quote in the whole thing, and the fight scenes didn’t include anything badass/original (i.e Predator: when the dude’s hand get shot off and goes flying with the gun still in hand). That’s basically my criteria for an action movi

      1. Hey did you see The Expendables yet? What'd you think, did it meet your expectations?

        1. I smell you on that one. None of that bp/retin a stuff did anything for me anyway. The diet approach can be a little difficult, mainly because there are only a handful of studies on the relationship between food and acne, but I've always thought it's the most rewarding method to clear one's acne. I recently cut out corn/grains, and focused mainly on fruits, veggies, and meat. I'm starting to see some improvement, but time will tell. lol yeah I always play evil theme music in my head during th
        2. Yeah I was maybe a little overly optimistic in hindsight, but there have been many people on here who have had amazing results from Accutane. Oh well, i'm trying the diet approach now. It can't hurt. Very true. Avoiding the mirror is a good strategy, I wish I had your willpower. I rarely go very long at all without looking at a mirror. lol at the Lost suggestion. I've never even seen an episode actually, but my friends love it. I'm sure I would too but I pretty much stick to my staples of:
        3. I can definitely relate all too well, especially that middle paragraph I quoted. I turned 20 this year too, been through a course of accutane (which was only like 25% successful at best) and I feel exasperated cause I just want this to be over already. Oftentimes those of us with acne give A LOT more weight to the negative attention we get from others, than the positive. I can say from my experience as someone who has ignored their friends for a long time, more than anything, they just want and
        4. I finished up my first course of accutane about 2.5 months ago, but it only cleared my face up about 25%, so it's back to the diet approach...*sigh*. Anyway, my digestion has been poor for the last few years, and I've tried changing up my diet before. Cutting out soy, dairy, peanuts, and taking magnesium supplements are all things thing have helped slightly, but not gotten rid of the problem. I never really considered cutting out grains and corn before. I guess I associated that with the extreme
        5. My sincerest apologies for hijacking your thread.
        6. LOL. Maybe I will. It'll have unlimited swearing, sex talk, drug talk, and way sweeter emoticons. I'll take that into consideration, or just message the big man himself.
        7. Oh i'm very much aware that it's a business. The whole point of this site is Dan can push his "regimen". Slather a bunch of benzoyl peroxide on your face. Wow, so innovative. It's not like you can buy that at ANY drug store (minus the shipping charges). Like I already said, I'm mainly talking about the lounge and emo sections, so that information is irrelevant. And also like I already said, my issue is more with you guys being excessive with those rules (which are also excessive in the firs
        8. lol yeah i'm with ya, on the not having a life part. You're more than welcome to start as many discussions as you'd like, providing they're appropriate. ; ) Personal insults aren't allowed any more than name-calling is. Both fall under "flaming", which isn't allowed. And the reason we don't allow graphic sexual discussion is that there are some younger members that post on these boards, so things need to be kept appropriate for all ages. That said, a little flirting here and there is to
        9. wat I can think of about four mods who actually post in the lounge frequently... usually when people become mods they go to the scary alcove called the mod place and never post regularly anymore... It's at least 5, well either way, the exact number is besides the point. What i'm saying is that I've looked at old threads here before, and it seems like the forum has gone downhill in terms of total numbers of posts/posters and overall good discussion. It also seems like the start of this decli
        10. "Reason for edit: Edited obscenity out of title". lol really? Oh gee whiz I wonder what naughty word that might have been... Well, I suppose when two thirds of the regular posters on a forum are mods you need something to do to not get bored.
        11. Yeah same here. I always feel a twinge of sadness when I see people with severe acne. Speaking for myself, I can definitely find some people attractive despite their acne. Key word despite. I don't really see that many people with really noticeable acne that are my age though.
        12. Yeah there was this girl I liked, she was cute, we had similar interests, and she told me I was funny. I don't blame her for not liking me in a "romantic sense" though, cause my face looked awful (still does, even after accutane). And face it, the physical attraction needs to be there, otherwise I would probably date guys.
        13. B vitamins and magnesium both help with nerve function. I used to get really shaky all over (especially in the jaw) when I was even the slightest bit nervous, and sometimes just randomly, but it went away when I started taking magnesium. It helps relax your muscles. Also, if you've increased your caffeine (or other stimulant) consumption that could definitely be contributing to it too. edit: oops. Didn't realize this was an old ass thread.
        14. Waaay ahead of you. I've finished mourning and have adopted the Netherlands as my new team.

          1. It could be a vitamin deficiency. I used to get bloated and burp after meals too until I started taking magnesium and my digestion improved a lot.
          2. Wise choice lol. Running sucks...or well it's more of a love-hate relationship.

            1. Yup. I've taken some time off from the sport, but I'm just starting to get back into it. Do you?

              1. I'm way more of a badass than any Jo Bro lol, but I think that's a compliment so I'll take it! Thanks ;)