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  1. Johnny! Don't die on me! The emo poem can't be your final post! It had typos and grammatical errors! ^-*

  2. In my room I cry and weap I want to make a move but can not leap My face is has suffered enough This 20 year old life has been real rough I call to my mom down the hall She tells me to stfu and go to the mall I scream and beg for some help Without a hint she just welps So i fold and cry even more Not even this body can please a whore Tonight is the night where ill end my life Maybe in heaven I'll meet my ideal wife
  3. A nice message awww.....

  4. yeah, i have insurance... and since my parents work for the hospital that my derm is through nothing is too expensive. i lucked out! and yeah, the tests don't other me much... no biggie. acne anymore. h

  5. My sisters wuz on tane, I hope you dont mind all the tests you gotta do for it(female). U have insurance?

  6. your aids cleared up a lot? i'm not really sure if i'm supposed to even react to that, but whatever. glad accutane worked out for you! (:

  7. Awh, well gl. I was on accutane from april to october, my aids cleared up ALOT. I started at 40mg and went right 100mg for last 5 months. Just have a couple active cysts now, no biggie