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  1. How are you doing now. No recent updates. I'm sure you are totally clear now. I hope this is the case.

    1. isabels04

      30 years old - I'm just so tired of it

      I'm 37 and have recently aquired some really bad chin/jawline acne. Not sure what happened, but I feel your pain too. I understand the embarrassment of having acne at our age and to then have to deal with it. I'm not dealing very well. I cry alot and wonder why me. Right now I'm on doxycline and bp wash. I'm back on birth control which sucks. Everything is a slow go and I'm quite depressed waiting for this to just go away. I have a feeling that it won't and that the antibiotics may later on be a
    2. How are you doing now? My chin is a mess now. On Doxy. Don't know if that will work. We will see...

      1. isabels04

        Help me PLEASE!!!

        This is actually happening to me as well. I actually was acne free all my life then at 37 and 4 months ago wham the worst chin acne ever. No drs can tell you why, they can just try and treat you. It is a step by step process which I'm starting to figure out and unfortunatley nothing is instananeous. I too have regressed and have passed up several things because you just feel ugly and don't want people to see you in this state. I too have had a hard time adjusting and am trying to get past the l
      2. isabels04

        Yaz and full body cramping

        Are you still on the yaz. i was too taking and after 4 days I was having tightness in my chest and I couldn't sleep. I was really wound up and anxious. Maybe I was having an anxiety attack, but I stopped the Yaz. If the acne returns I may see if they have a different BCP with not these types of sides effects. I know all bcp do have side effects but that was the worst feeling. Hope all is well.
      3. continuation..of clindamyacin. I'm kind of afraid to take yaz because of all the side effects. I didn't have any of your side effects when i started. do you smoke? You look great anyway no matter what!! How are you now?still taking yaz?

        1. It doesn't have your age. I'm 37 and have started getting really bad acne the last 4 months. I got 2 different ways to try and correct my issue. My derm gave me doxy 1x and bezop wash 4% and my prim care wants me to take yaz,doxy 2x & topical

          1. isabels04

            Acne changed my life

            i think for me people tend to be more understanding. They don't care as much. I thnk it bothers me more then everyone else. I loved your insight JP and am greatful that people can have a life if you let yourself. I'm still struggling but I have a family who depends on me and doesn't care if i have acne on my face. im doing what i can to fix it, but this may be my life until my body decides to move on to the next phase. please also know that i know how hard it is to face people, but you are still
          2. what birth control were you on and how long after you stopped the birth control was it before you starting breaking out? I ask because I was on nuvaring for about a year and 4 mos after i stopped it is when my acne started up. I have tried going back on bc since then but it hasnt helped.

            1. isabels04

              Acne at 37

              Anyone else out there who has recently getting chin and jawlline acne and was given a BCP for it. I was given Yaz and am afraid to start taking it. Unsure if it is worth going back on it. I hate the pimples, but I would hate the effects the Yaz may have on my body. Unsure if it will even work. Have had no period trouble and I'm pretty regular. The only thing is the acne. Any ideas why? My acne started getting worse within the past 4 months. I had a few here and there but now all over chin on che
            2. isabels04

              Adult Acne

              I'm a 37 year old female who has had a recent acne blowout on my chin and jawline in the past 4 months. Not sure myself what brought it on, but it is quite painful to look at. Never had any majoe acne before now and no doctor can tell me what could have happened. they have me on antibiotics as both an oral and topical. Also have plced me on Yaz which is quite scary to me. I've been on Yaz for only 4 days and antibiotics for almost 2 weeks. Have a lot of red spots, but no real bad live acne. I ca
            3. It is very hard to deal with. i'm still trying to cope with my new present my body gave me. There is a solution for everyone. I haven't found mine yet, but I'm new to this. I bury my head when I can. The only thing I can say is that life stil keeps going whether you want it to or not. Keep your chin up when you can.
            4. Just started having major issues with acne within the last 4 months. It is mainly on my chin. To me it is quite severe. I don't know how to handle this situation. I'm married with 3 wonderful boys. My husband has been great through all of this, but he hates my new found attitude. I'm sullen and stay indoors quite a bit. i avoid social interaction. Lucky for me(which may be my problem) I work graveyard. I can't look people in the eye. This disease is crippling me. Went to derm who gave me doxy an
            5. isabels04

              THERE IS HOPE!

              what do you use to clean your face
            6. I have recently aquired chin and upper lip acne myself. I feel honored..lol The truth is it is crippling me and my family. they rely on me and I'm just not there for them. I'm trying to get rid of it, but so far just looks worse. On doxycycline and using 4% BP cream wash. My derm doesn't want me to use anything else in case its an allergy to something I'm using. I'm not sure about that one. Could be hormones or stress. Going to prim care dr and hopefully my blood test will tell me if anything is