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  1. Spiro cleared me 90 percent then I combined it with birth control and it was a full 100 percent clear. Fantastic. I didn't have health insurance so I stopped the birth control for a few months and now am broke out again. So as soon as I can going back on the birth control. Hope this helps.
  2. Pill - Septra D twice a day Skin Neutragena Acne Face wash morning and night Morning - cetaphil daily face wash Night - retin A .1 % on face every night (worked up to it); and every other night on my chest ( I alternate with that and benzol peroxide). I don't get large or even medium sized pimples anymore since doing this (started last March or so), but I do get small tiny bumps on my forehead every once in awhile (then clears up) and between my jawline and ear on my neck. My chest is the
  3. any advice from those that have had a 2nd or the 3rd round would be great!
  4. Okay here is a brief story: Had acne my since teenage years (now 28). Went on accutane when I was 18 - had a huge initial breakout - then cleared right up. Stayed super minimal for over a year - more came back but still manageable. A couple of year ago it started to get bad again - tried everything - a year ago went to the derm tried antibiotics, retin a micro, etc. - then he finally agreed to put me on accutane again. I was on from end of April to end of October at 60 mg. - my acne (and
  5. Okay so has it been years since I've written - no but lots of months. Okay so I'm currently about six weeks post accutane. I was pretty dang clear the last two months (maybe a few tiny ones here and there). And was clear for three gloriosus weeks - then they started to come back the tiny bumps and whiteheads on my forehead. Which is actually kind of funny b/c that is what cleared up the fastest and now i'm getting bumps on the sides of my face. However my chin is clear - which is what took
  6. Hey, Sorry I'm so sorry I fell off the face of the earth. I'm not sure if you even remember me - you wrote in my journal quite a bit. Anyway my skin pretty much cleared and so I neglected this site - well I'm back and so are the zits. I finished my course the end of October (about the 24th) and now little over a month I had a breakout on my forehead (little tiny whiteheads) which now i've been applying bp morning and night has gone down but now on my jawline by my ears i'm ggeting a few whit
  7. DAY 95 Okay so I know it's been forever since I've updated but that's b/c after the first six weeks of improvement I've been kind of a standstill. I'll have pretty clear days then get my normal chin breakout again. But here is a quick update as of right now. I'm really hoping now that I'm 3 months into it this month will be my total clearing month (cross fingers). Body Acne: Back : just occasional small ones on my upper back here and there but overall pretty good. Chest - I got a litt
  8. okay so i just tried to add a pic and it didn't so much work - how do i go about doing that.
  9. no i'm sorry - I wish I did have pics, but when I started it I didn't want a camera near my face - I can post pics of me now - but I don't know if that will help.
  10. I'm on it for six months. However, I hope my insurance covers it for six months - I didn't even think to ask. They didn't say it would only be five, so cross fingers. I only pay 5 dollars a month right now - for the generic. Which is amazing considering how much I was paying for over the product items. Yay that you are almost done. I'm just two weeks from my half way mark. I can't wait till I don't have any mark on my face - it will be bliss!
  11. sorry about the cyst? how is it going? Also sorry it's been awhile - I had to move two weeks ago and still just getting settled in. Update on skin is that really nothing new. I'm still breaking out, but not horrible, anywhere from 2-6 pimples on my face at one time (middle to large ones - i get under the skin small ones still as well). But nothing too embarrassing that I won't hang out w/ friends over the skin which is nice. My arms are still petty rough, but I just put cream on them m
  12. Oh that actually is good to hear that you had the same problems - b/c I've been a bit discouraged about it. I did so well the first month I was just hoping it would continue to get better. I think 8 months is long enough. I think when you know you know. Sometimes it just hits ya. Congrats again - that is just exciting and exciting that you will have a clear face as well.
  13. DAY 61 (8 WEEKS AND FIVE DAYS) - 2 month appt. w/ derm. First of all I'm sorry I haven't formally updated for awhile. I've been a bit sad about my face and hoping it would get better so I could write a happy update just saying it was bad well it's still yucky so I thought I better just get this written, so I can look back and be happy. Starting w/ Good to Bad: Back/Chest - pretty clear I get a pimple here and there but nothing to be too sad over. Neck - has been pretty clear but I'm spor
  14. how fun though - even though stressful - to be planning your wedding. You probably have told me this but how long have you been together. I hear you on picking my chin and jawline are still breaking out - even a bit worse, . Yesterday I broke out and popped and picked a few on my chin. Well I had my derm. appointment this morning ( i know not wise) I got the don't pic let accutane do it's job lecture, and it was deserved.
  15. oh wow congrats - and you will have nice clear skin for the wedding!!! That is so exciting when are you getting married.
  16. Lan: I hope you are done - Day 100 - that is great! You are down the homestretch. My hair is a little drier but nothing huge. I had super oily skin before so though my lips are raw my skin and hair as a whole aren't horribly dry just a lot of the oil is eliminated. So it is a different texture (and now I can go a day w/out washing it and not look like I soaked my hair in oil) but not necessarily dry.
  17. I wish I was done too! But at the same time afraid for when I'm done and the chance of it coming back. The parts of my skin w/ no pimples (cheeks and forehead) are smooth, which I love! But the parts w/ pimples is still breaking out (chin and jawline). I'm just going to keep hope up. I saw a lot of improvement the first month, this month has been more of a standstill. I go to my derm. in one week I hope this is a good week - you just never can tell.
  18. How fun to see the improvement. I wish I would take more pics - but I hate pics of myself. So are you soon to be engaged? My skin is doing crazy thigns. Okay I guess not really crazy the parts taht don't have acne are smooth and nice - but then I have some problem areas - still mostly my chin. My forehead which has been smooth for awhile got a few small bumps and one not so small bumps - but seems to be going down. My chin I got a set of triplets which of course I had to pop (they became w
  19. I just looked at your gallery - that is great success. It is fun to put a face to the name as well.
  20. I have been more tired -actually took friday and monday off of work b/c I just didn't feel well - a lot of it contributed to being so tired. Also I've been getting lower back pains the last few weeks. (but I have a bad back - so you never know). I actually get a really bad headache once every couple of weeks (but that has been going since my 40 dosage as well). Oh i havent' looked at your gallery - I need to.
  21. ya they said take it w/ food - so that was my question is w/ food "before, after, or during." thanks for the reply though,
  22. Ya it does - I just want to make sure I'm getting the most out of this stuff - ya know