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  1. You can try the regimen.. All pharmacies carry generic drugs (the main ingredient still there, it might just have been modified locally or according to what country you currently stay). Just pick some good old BP and a good moisturizer that works for your skin. Try engaging in things you like, or go for a walk, anything at all.. When you're all alone with your thoughts, sometimes it really gets depressing. Cheer up
  2. sorry, didn't see this too.. BP went well, am now clear for a month and a half and hoping it continues. I'm hoping ur new regime will work out. TC always shanzy

    1. My derma prescribed me BP 2.5% during my initial bouts with acne to be applied every other day with other antibacterial combination (it was too gentle for the acne). I'm using 5% BP twice a day (applied thinly) with a good moisturizer. This controls my acne. Observe your skin and adjust as necessary. (had acne for 1 year, 3 mos)
    2. everyday washing with shampoo and conditioner, no blow drying=) hair thickness: 1" in diameter when in a bun=) -long, black, straight hair (shiny but not oily)
    3. I don't think that's true, (the judgmental part)..I'm asian too. but I agree with you with their flawless skin and complexions.
    4. I used to get about 1-2 zits during my periods. I did nothing, they went away on their own volition as soon as the period week is over. I was given some pills to regulate my hormonal activity (due to severe dysmenorrhea and irregular periods, and not for the zits). I'm not too sure if it was the pill that worsen the acne but after stopping, I've started to get zits all over my face. It's not solved but it's controlled (with the help of antibiotics and other products)
    5. hey you=).. just came back! how are u doing=)

      1. I think I've seen the "young" old woman that was featured.=) That facial therapy method was patterned or hailed from hyperbaric therapy. Quite a newermethod in the medical scene but this actually dates back in 1662. It is very beneficial to a lot of existing illnesses now, including acne. (but very expensive) http://www.synergyreleasesports.com/therapies/hyperbaric
      2. There's a forum here that contain members' personal experiences with accutane if you're seriously considering it, and if you're derm and you, think it's the last resort. Different accounts are written there (both beneficial and not), and it would be really good for you to read them (if you haven't read them yet). I can not personally vouch for accutane since I haven't tried it. Personally, much as I want to be as objective about the drug as I wanted to, i hope you can find other therapi
      3. P. acne isn't considered contagious. This link will help explain why: http://aboutacnecare.blogspot.com/2009/01/...contagious.html Bacteria could go into a stronger strain.. So our usual dose the last time we had a disease might not be enough to combat what you're having at present. That's why there are 1st generation antibiotics to 3rd generation and etc.. That's also why, when you are prescribed a full dosage on an antibiotic therapy, you have to finish the full course (extremely impor
      4. Tea tree oil in combination with other anti-acne products gave me very good results. Am using 3 combinations of anti-acne (BP, my moisturizer has an active ASA, and my toner has Tea tree oil) Tea tree oil is nowhere as drying as BP for me (I use Body Shop's tea tree line, and i have to say they are working quite nicely for me). This can be drying for someone but it was what's effective for my skin. Glad TTO worked for you too!
      5. hey, how's ur abdomen? Observe it more, see if pain persists.. Just concern. Your appendix is located in that area (right lower quadrant). See if it gets acutely painful. That isn't a derm thing anymore..
      6. @iwillbfine and HomeboundGypsy: Yeah..it's really not that easy..=( I had some heavy duty power struggle..hehe
      7. Treatment of acne is symptomatic.. when there's acne, they treat. Like you said, Holistic and interdisciplinary approach is best. Know your body. If you're not familiar with it yet, time to introduce yourself.
      8. Dermatologists are doctors who specialize on skin and its diseases and on anything more within their scope of practice, so I guess that will pretty much sums what they do (SKIN only).. underlying problems, like hormonal activity--you need an OB/Gyne, or an endocrinologist.. How they treat is just symptomatic (derms, i think).. what pops out is what gets cured..(an exception is accutane, which targets the main glands responsible for which derms prescribe) We need interdisciplinary approach, wh
      9. I was trying to vote but i couldn't.. turned out i already did the other day=)..(big YES!) Depression with acne follows a pattern, atleast it did for me. Miss Kubler Ross' theory on death and dying applied during my acne journey. 1. Denial (I look in the mirror and say "it's not possibly acne, I'm past my teen years, this will just last a week or 2, yet it persisted=() 2. Anger (I hated what it was doing to my physical appearance and the resulting effect to how I was behaving towards my frie
      10. Goodluck, goodluck, goodluck!!=)
      11. how's the regimen doing for you?=) TC!

        1. YW=), glad to offer my limited answer! TC=)
        2. I'm not a doctor=). But I did finished the most basic Anatomy and Physiology subject offered for the course I took. I don't recall much of them now actually, they were about 8 years ago (so you still need to rely on the people who diagnose and those with the MD's ID). I am sure your pain receptors are existent (otherwise you could have died already, because pain serves as warning signs for us) It really differs for a lot of people at any given specific time. Here's a link which can help y
        3. Hello.. I navigated and looked through pictures of keratosis pilaris (commonly called chicken skin condition) since it looks like it's what you have..(very subjective on my side, you need a specialist for skin--a derm--not GP). Some of my friends usually have that during harsh weather conditions (esp on cold seasons).. here's a link of more pics to compare from if it's similar to what you're having right now (you have the better vantage point of your skin) http://images.google.com.ph/im
        4. They use topical anesthetics or numbing creams because their pain threshhold is not the same as yours. Your cutaneous nociceptors (skin pain receptors) have a higher threshhold apparently. =)