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  1. Hi there

    Thanks for your reply. No I have not really looked into Spiro. I've heard that it could possibly increase the risk of breast cancer and weight gain... I'm pretty thin to begin with/fast metabolism so I don't know how my body will react to it but am a bit worried about that too. I will ask my gyno in 2 weeks.

    you think it's mild acne? I thought it was a bit more than that!

    and Atralin also sounds interesting... the rest , as you've said, might be overkill..

    anyhow thanks for the suggestions

    If your acne is hormonal, have you thought about an anti- androgen like Spiro. It still has its side effects but perhaps it won't have the same risks as birth control. Other than that, i have to say your acne is fortunately not too bad (mild at best) so maybe spiro with a topical of your choice can be beneficial. There is:

    Atralin (which is a milder form of retin a which i liked but it didn't help my acne)

    The Regimen (which in all honesty may be over kill and it has BP which you're trying to get away from)

    Taz (which again might be over kill)

    A derm may better be able to advise you in terms of a topical but i think since hormones may be a factor, you have to consider oral meds

    Good Luck

  2. Hey all

    I haven't used this website since ca two years perhaps ?!

    Mainly because I had my acne somewhat under control since then...

    But these days my skin is getting worse and worse ( my pores have always been huge , not blessed with good skin genes either)

    getting more whiteheads, papules, clogged pores... I keep popping the whiteheads because they are just BEGGING to be popped.

    and I'd rather have red spots than gross whiteheads.

    I tend to eat super healthy ( mostly organic, avoid sugar , white anything ( bread, pasta , etc)

    Sometimes gluten free) I really watch what I eat without over stressing about it ... I love veg/fruits to begin with

    and not fussed about meat these days.

    and I believe am allergic to dairy, have not been tested but am 98%certain.

    I cycle for about an hour/ day or more so i think I am getting moderate amount of excercise ?!

    I've quit smoking since January and I don't drink so often. Only beer and wine now and then.

    And as for my skin care routine:

    I wash my face with noreva zineac face wash in the evening. in the morning just with water.

    For moisturizer , I use this brand Dermaessence soft cream which is catered for acne skin but without all the harsh ingredients and

    Avene triacneal for my blackheads ( kind of working ??) And /// epiduo...

    Wanted to stop using BP because I didn't want to be dependent on it and I'm worried about its

    longterm sideeffects . but it seems to be the only thing that keeps my acne from going crazy at the moment.

    I've tried tea tree oil, jojoba oil, turmeric, yogurt, honey , lemon etc masks ... all sorts of natural remedies...

    I *think* I'm allergic to most of them... I always break out in tiny spots afterwards... (it's great for the first few days then BAM)

    my acne is also hormonal but I can't take birth control as my mom had breast cancer and that would be the worst thing to take for my situation.

    Ideally I would like to go for the holistic method but .., I feel I need something more drastic?!

    what are my options? I find dermatologists to be generally usesless! I know more about skincare than they do!?

    this also affects my mood...





  3. Hi ;)

    So am guessing many of us here are pretty depressed about our skin right?

    I too am pretty damn pissed about it, I just want to rip myself open and hide in a cave. a big cave without mirrors and where most inhabitants have pretty ugly skin... (HArHAr)

    Somewhere, sometimes. not all the time but especially when I come across people with beautiful skin or just goodlooking people in general, I want to punch them. I hate them.

    well not hate, because (unfortunately) a lot of my friends are beautiful and have great skin and I obviously don't hate them!

    So cut the chase, I've turned 20 recently and my skin is still pretty shitty. and never had a boyfriend.

    I used to be pretty horrible to my skin, scratching, rubbing, applying way too many products. and my ex beautiful skin turned into ugly poreporeporous skin with bumps and marks. yes painting an ugly picture. I think I'm exaggerating a bit. but the fact is that I really feel insecure and I think this insecurity shows, whether I try to conceal it with plastic confidence or a fake smile. It just shows. (I think?)

    I've never had a boyfriend and I think the main reason why is because I can't be 100% myself when my skin is this shitty. Anyone else feel like this?

    I WANT TO BE ABLE TO PARTY ALL NIGHT LONG, EAT WHATEVER DRINK WHATEVER, NOT GIVE A FLYING F'+++ AND WATCH THE SUNRISE WITH MY FRIENDS AND NOT FEEL UGLY BECAUSE OF ACNE, WITH THE SUN SHINING ON MY FACE... OILY ACNE PRONE FACE> AGHHHH I'D RATHER HAVE MESSY HAIR FOREVER!!!! well I've done this before but I always pray that everyone's still too drunk to notice and feel 100 times worse later thinking god everyone saw my ugly acne!

    I know I shouldn't let acne get in my way of dating and having fun but IT'S SO DAMN HARD.

    It makes me feel 100 times uglier.


  4. I have them too... It's comedonal acne... I hope they won't inflame and turn into zits :( 'cause that happened to me, all at once :( so now I'm on accutane

    I tried differin gel, benzoyl peroxide, tea tree oil..... to get rid of them, but nothing worked :(

    Oh I see, I kinda know what you mean because now I'm getting more whiteheads. maybe it's because I went to a hotspring recently and my pores got bigger (!?) and all the dirt from underneath came popping up (!?) I have no idea.. I too have tried all the things you've mentioned but none of them work too. I've just been trying to not do much to it... so hard though esp in the summer when I get all sweaty and gross...

  5. Hey Porque,

    Have you tried Dan's regimen yet? As far as acne is concerned, this appears to be very mild - lucky you! I think the regimen would clear your skin fast. What are you using currently?

    Hi! thanks, well sort of tried it before but I realized that I really don't want to rely on BP so much because I'm scared that if I go off of it it'll come back worse...

    you think it's mild? Wow i thought it was pretty bad!! well Now I think it might be a bit worse :/

    I'm just using a bit of BP on spots that are biggish but other than that nothing really. I think I'm trying to do that not do much to my skin method :S

  6. So I have these tiny spots all over. I posted these photos in a different forum but it was about something different. so I hope that's ok. and I need your advice.

    I just want to know if anyone can tell me what kind of acne I have and how bad is it exactly?

    You can't see them entirely... but they are there and when I touch my face (as in when I wash my face) it feels a bit like sandpaper... I try not to touch it but sometimes i'm tempted to scratch it :/

    Help me!!

    I usually just wash with water in the morning and at night I wash it with a preservative free

    face wash. and that's it. I don't put anything on. I used to be very harsh on my skin but I've stopped being mean!

    anyway here they are

    post-114936-1282710274_thumb.jpg forehead, mainly small neutral colored bumps.. it feels bumpy and a bit rough

    post-114936-1282710281_thumb.jpg my right cheek which is worse than my left. maybe because I sleep on my right side... :/ i really try not to. yes my pores are HUGE.

    post-114936-1282710288_thumb.jpg my left cheek... i just popped a pimple (bottom) and it seems to be healing ok.




  7. I guess you're all correct. I'm not 100% sure if mine is hormonal or external so I'll just give it a try...

    my skin looks like this at the moment...

    post-114936-1282630393_thumb.jpg forehead with little bumps few whiteheads mainly skin colored

    post-114936-1282630380_thumb.jpg right cheek, kinda bad at the moment

    post-114936-1282630401_thumb.jpg left cheek, I popped a pimple at the bottom... it was really white and couldn't resist...

    PS I'm about to get my period I think






  8. Hmmm :/ I'm just sick of putting stuff on my face... I really don't think it's helping me out in the long run. For instance if I go on birth control pills or something I'm really worried about what will happen if I go off of it or the side effects....

    can be quite serious.

    and I think I have internal problems too. I've been having lower abdomen pain for a while now and I get many hormonal problems... like hot flashes etc but I've gotten everything checked and I seem to be ok??

    and I don't have any menstrual problems...so I have no idea what's going on !! AHHH DIE PIMPLES

    I have used only water on my face for last 3 years or so. I have never really used much chemicals on my skin as I noticed they simply didn't help at all. I have also tried not washing at all.

    Didn't clear my skin though because my acne is connected to internal problems.

  9. Hmm! I don't know man I sort of understand you as well. I've "sort of" (kinda half assed) tried it before and it didn't really do much. my skin at the moment is rather bump and I get small bumpy acne all over my face. a lot on my forehead and around my cheeks and mouth.

    pretty much everywhere!!!

    I've had clear skin when I was younger and the reason why my skin got so BAD was because I did too much to my skin ;/ I am so regretting this and paying the price for that NOW

    Dont work for me..Everytime I quit this regime, bamm,.breakouts after few weeks of doing nothing. I dont think the 'do nothing' plan will work for most. If you had clear skin to begin with, it will. If you never had clear skin, you will have to do something always.

  10. Ah that's great news! well I guess if I didn't have to go out as much, I would totally commit to not washing my face AT ALL but my face DOES get oil and I can'T stand having so much oil on my face... and I get really insecure about my skin because almost everyone I know has really good skin! at least normal skin :/

    So school starts soon and I don't know if I can keep up with the complete cavemen regimen.

    my skin is breaking out now so I just dabbed some benzoyl peroxide all over my face ... err not sure if that's smart... but I was really annoyed... ;/

    Basically this http://www.acne.org/messageboard/caveman-r...en-t214162.html

    Plenty of people here have had the best results just not doing ANYTHING to their face. I've been doing it for abit over 2 weeks and have seen great changes, going from about 15 spots (about 6-7 cysts) to about 3 active small spots and the rest are just red marks.

    I eat clean, weight train 3 times a week and dont wash my face AT ALL, not even after sweating, and I dont put anything on my face and my skin is looking better every day.

  11. So I have been away from this website for a while. Hi

    Main reason being I was sorta testing out my new hypothesis.

    ---If I don't do all the "curing" for my skin then my skin will heal itself (eventually)

    I used to put shit load of things on my face, heck I even used to scrape my face with my nails to get rid of the "gunk" from my pores (SCREAM) well obviously I've become more educated since then!!

    I've read that by putting all the STUFF (whether it be constant moisturizing, cleansing, ointments, etc) on your skin it'll only make your skin "thinner" , meaning WORSE.

    so in order to build a healthy thick skin I have to do as little as possible to scrape off the top layer of my skin (does this make any sense?) and not cause any damage to the newer skin growing underneath. well I have acne still and I guess some people may call it mild but I think it's moderate. I hate it.

    I don't know for sure if my skin is getting better from not doing much to it (meaning just washing it with a very gentle mild cleanser (contains no paraben, perfume, preservatives etc) and letting my skin be afterwards. In the morning I just rinse off the night sweat with water. (ew) If I sweat then I just rinse my face very quickly with water, esp in the summer.

    I hate that I am a girl and I have to be so freaking self conscious about my skin. For god's sake it's just skin right? I wish I could say who the f--k cares. well mostly everyone does unfortunately:/ and every time I see a shiny surface I HAVE to look at it to see if I've developed any new pimples...not because I'm so damn narcissistic.

    So is it really the right thing to do? I mean if you think about the people in remote places where they don't religiously wash their faces and obsessively put beauty products on, they have really nice skin! Or some of my friends who have beautiful skin and they really don't do anything to their skin... So my question is. maybe we're being manipulated by the media and being brainwashed to believe that we need to BUY and PUT all these shit on our skin because that is the "right" thing to do and since everyone else is doing it we think, oh shit I gotta do that to. when in truth we really don't need any of that??? our skin can just take care of itself?

    My long rant is over. but basically I'm going to see if I can just not do much and get away with it and somehow control my acne...

    anyone else care to join me for the "adventure"?

    PS I generally eat quite healthy (am not a vegetarian but could be) and try to exercise... run/do yoga. but not as often as I should... and of course sleep is important but I'm an insomniac.

  12. naked toes on freshly cut grass

    basically running around anywhere barefooted.

    -especially digging through the sand on the beach, sinking into the salty water

    closing my eyes and thinking about the person i like or love

    few minutes before dinner, sneaking into the kitchen to taste my mum's cooking

    looking up while underwater

    lying on the slope while snowboarding and observing the clouds

    meeting strangers and feel like you've known them forever

    dancing on the street, perhaps with a bottle of wine

    reuniting with old friends, hugging and chatting non stop

    getting unexpected letters


    good good good film on a lazy sunday

    listening to my favorite songs on the train and looking aimlessly out the window

    seeing other people being kind to each other

    being told thank you. but really mean it

    so so too many

  13. salicylic acid/retinoids keep pores clean..

    Hey thanks for the reply

    Ah I see, I thought the exfoliation might help unclog the clogged pores...

    anyway I'm trying to see if I can do it the holistic way...because I don't want to rely so much on the topical lotions but I might go ask the gp about that.

    Ok I shall do that, thanks!

    oh because before seeing a derm I have to see a gp to get referred I think...


    I think the zineryt is really drying out my skin and my skin looks more irritated...should I continue or stop?






  14. Exfoliation is probably not the best idea with already aggravated skin. You prolly need to add retin-a/differin and a dab of salicylic acid to your regimen. Antibiotics work too.

    With your acne though, which is mild. Use benzoyl peroxide in lumps and cover the acne areas...that should work pretty well.

    Make sure your cream is marked 'non-comedogenic' and works for acne skin.

    Why go to a GP...go to a derm.

    Hey thanks for the reply

    Ah I see, I thought the exfoliation might help unclog the clogged pores...

    anyway I'm trying to see if I can do it the holistic way...because I don't want to rely so much on the topical lotions but I might go ask the gp about that.

    Ok I shall do that, thanks!

    oh because before seeing a derm I have to see a gp to get referred I think...

  15. Help me :(

    Just a quick background:

    Before Christmas, my GP gave me dalacin T solution for my acne and I've also been taking zinc supplement (Which definitely seems to be helping with the texture of my skin) and hair, skin, nail complex (which I also think is effective) and it was working for a while (it cleared up most of my forehead acne and quite a bit of my cheeks and my temple area)

    BUT recently the horrible acne started to come back again so I went to see my GP for the second time and this time he prescribed me zineryt solution (which smells and tastes horrible, I licked around my mouth by accident :o ) and THEN the other day I exfoliated my skin using baking soda...and I think that made me breakout more...more white heads and might have aggravated my skin. I swear I wasn't rubbing it so much...

    WHAT SHOULD I DO? Continue with zineryt or not?

    and do you think baking soda has aggravated my skin?

    I eat very healthy (occasional slip here and there...meaning some bread/rice/pasta or a slice of pizza or some cookies) but I eat lots of veg and fruit/drink an ok amount of water/do some yoga. I wash my face with a gentle organic cleanser and moisturize with this cream which is for atopic/irritated skin and I'm pretty sure that's not making my acne worse...

    So here are my pics.





    Any word of advice would be grand :)





  16. Hi I'm 20 years old and I've been having acne on and off since I was a preteen and lately it has gotten a bit worse than before... (not sure why) so I went to the dermatologist about a month ago and he prescribed me Dalacin T solution which I apply on my skin every morning and night after I wash my face. And then I put on a moisturizer which is basically for atopic skin (like really irritated skin and I like how that feels so I don't think that's making my acne worse) anyway, at the moment my blackheads are horrible (yes I squeeze them occasionally...yes BAD) and I don't really get cysts but I'm getting small some inflamed/some noninflamed bumps and whiteheads all over my face. like not really around my chin but my cheeks and my forehead. what do you think I'm doing wrong? I wash my face with a gentle organic cleanser at night and I don't think that's doing anything bad to my skin either...but my skin just isn't clearing up! AGH. I recently did a baking soda scrub wash but it might have aggravated my acne??

    I was wondering if I should ditch Dalacin T solution and switch to apple cider vinegar instead...au naturale...haha.

    Or should I continue with Dalacin T and see what happens?

    I also take hair skin nail supplement, zinc, primrose, and vitamin B everyday.

    HELP ME!

    BTW in the photos the pimples may not look that bad but in reality it's worse!






  17. Aww don't feel too bad! We're all on the same boat here.

    I wish I could just go and do whatever without worrying about my skin you know?

    I WOULD do the following if I didn't have shitty skin;

    Go out and have fun until early in the morning

    Not wash my face and be happy and carefree

    Eat Drink Do whatever I please

    Stay over at my friends unplanned more frequently

    Be super happy

    I'm ok now, my skin has gotten a bit better but still in the morning I check to see if it's gotten worse or better and I do the checking SO MUCH. it's kind of driving me crazy. I always have to KNOW that my skin looks presentable.

    I was on a sort of strict healthy diet before but honestly it just drove me mad. like everytime I had a craving for something sweet, I'd be like ah I can't take it cause it contains SUGAR. but lately I've given up on that and I still generally eat healthy (not because I have to but because I want to and I like to) but every so often I munch on pizzas and eat cookies (I don't like fizzy drinks, sweet snacks, candies to begin with so none of that) but if I want to stay out and drink alcohol with friends I'd do it because I think what's the point? worrying about this isnt going to get me anywhere. just enjoy life man, and take it as it comes!