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  1. Help! Are they nodules? I keep picking my skin . I know it's bad but I want to pop them and I also unplug the comedones with a tweezer... I know it's bad but sometimes it's really difficult to resist
  2. Hi there Thanks for your reply. No I have not really looked into Spiro. I've heard that it could possibly increase the risk of breast cancer and weight gain... I'm pretty thin to begin with/fast metabolism so I don't know how my body will react to it but am a bit worried about that too. I will ask my gyno in 2 weeks. you think it's mild acne? I thought it was a bit more than that! and Atralin also sounds interesting... the rest , as you've said, might be overkill.. anyhow thanks for the sugg
  3. Hey all I haven't used this website since ca two years perhaps ?! Mainly because I had my acne somewhat under control since then... But these days my skin is getting worse and worse ( my pores have always been huge , not blessed with good skin genes either) getting more whiteheads, papules, clogged pores... I keep popping the whiteheads because they are just BEGGING to be popped. and I'd rather have red spots than gross whiteheads. I tend to eat super healthy ( mostly organic, avoid suga
  4. Hi So am guessing many of us here are pretty depressed about our skin right? I too am pretty damn pissed about it, I just want to rip myself open and hide in a cave. a big cave without mirrors and where most inhabitants have pretty ugly skin... (HArHAr) Somewhere, sometimes. not all the time but especially when I come across people with beautiful skin or just goodlooking people in general, I want to punch them. I hate them. well not hate, because (unfortunately) a lot of my friends are bea
  5. Oh I see, I kinda know what you mean because now I'm getting more whiteheads. maybe it's because I went to a hotspring recently and my pores got bigger (!?) and all the dirt from underneath came popping up (!?) I have no idea.. I too have tried all the things you've mentioned but none of them work too. I've just been trying to not do much to it... so hard though esp in the summer when I get all sweaty and gross...
  6. Hi! thanks, well sort of tried it before but I realized that I really don't want to rely on BP so much because I'm scared that if I go off of it it'll come back worse... you think it's mild? Wow i thought it was pretty bad!! well Now I think it might be a bit worse :/ I'm just using a bit of BP on spots that are biggish but other than that nothing really. I think I'm trying to do that not do much to my skin method :S
  7. So I have these tiny spots all over. I posted these photos in a different forum but it was about something different. so I hope that's ok. and I need your advice. I just want to know if anyone can tell me what kind of acne I have and how bad is it exactly? You can't see them entirely... but they are there and when I touch my face (as in when I wash my face) it feels a bit like sandpaper... I try not to touch it but sometimes i'm tempted to scratch it :/ Help me!! I usually just wash with wat
  8. I guess you're all correct. I'm not 100% sure if mine is hormonal or external so I'll just give it a try... my skin looks like this at the moment... forehead with little bumps few whiteheads mainly skin colored right cheek, kinda bad at the moment left cheek, I popped a pimple at the bottom... it was really white and couldn't resist... PS I'm about to get my period I think
  9. http://www.soompi.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=264310 Oh this is pretty interesting!
  10. Hmmm :/ I'm just sick of putting stuff on my face... I really don't think it's helping me out in the long run. For instance if I go on birth control pills or something I'm really worried about what will happen if I go off of it or the side effects.... can be quite serious. and I think I have internal problems too. I've been having lower abdomen pain for a while now and I get many hormonal problems... like hot flashes etc but I've gotten everything checked and I seem to be ok?? and I don't have
  11. Hmm! I don't know man I sort of understand you as well. I've "sort of" (kinda half assed) tried it before and it didn't really do much. my skin at the moment is rather bump and I get small bumpy acne all over my face. a lot on my forehead and around my cheeks and mouth. pretty much everywhere!!! I've had clear skin when I was younger and the reason why my skin got so BAD was because I did too much to my skin ;/ I am so regretting this and paying the price for that NOW
  12. Ah that's great news! well I guess if I didn't have to go out as much, I would totally commit to not washing my face AT ALL but my face DOES get oil and I can'T stand having so much oil on my face... and I get really insecure about my skin because almost everyone I know has really good skin! at least normal skin :/ So school starts soon and I don't know if I can keep up with the complete cavemen regimen. my skin is breaking out now so I just dabbed some benzoyl peroxide all over my face ... err