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  1. okay so i have no picture but ive been on accutane 1 month today and im still breaking out my acne isnt that bad but and i think ive had the breakout my acne wasnt that bad to begin with mild i'd say anyway a girl is coming down from manchester and i'd like it too look a little better than what it is now do you think it would have got better by then? i know you cant really be certain but please help guys !!
  2. hey i was just wondering if i can i take accutane with vitamin b5 and zinc tablets?? please reply and im new to this so sorry if ive posted it in the wrong place, thanksss
  3. Hey im Zac and ive been on accutane for 3 weeks today, i havent yet but im just wondering if you can take protein shake with accutane? please help it will be well appreciated (if thats how you spell it ) many thanks