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  1. yeah ive heard good things about retin a but also that the initial breakout is bad. ahh scaryy! ahah i was on an antibiotic pill minoclyde or something like that and it helped but the derm. didnt want to put me back on it and just gave me this insteaddd
  2. aw thankyou! that really means alot and yeah i just started this so hoppppefully theres no allergic reactions. was it a while before you saw results with the gel?
  3. Hello all Im a 16 year old from massachusetts and i, too, suffer from acne. ive been told by my dermatologist that "its not so bad!" but honestly, like many of you, its a huge deal to me. i mean NOBODY likes seeing their face breakout and horrible. So I decided to sign up on this website to track my changes! i have tried EVERYTHING from proactive, to prescriptions. it has worked but my acne just keeps coming back =[ so i went to the derm. yesterday and she prescribed to me "clindamycin phosphat
  4. hopefulxox

    Journey to clear skinnn

    i wanna look just as good as i do with makeup when i dont wear it.