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  1. Probably ure right..maybe ur skin needs some time to breathe on its own..give it a try?
  2. so..you didn treat ur face with any treatments? it naturally goes away?
  3. what about leaving them alone?...just do ur regimen....let time do it's job..?
  4. haha, stupid itchiness hate it so badly cant stand it..i guess ill stick to the baby brush method.. on wednesday i ate whole lots of sweets guess what, got 2 inflamed whiteheads
  5. so..yesterday..i ate lots lots lots of sweeeeeets....chocolates donuts..lol..sweets...u name it..haha..i was testing...whether it'll aggravate my acne...the next morning..i discovered 2 new zits...this 2 new ones are actually whiteheads...they got inflamed...
  6. After applying mederma..my skin is kinda itching....dont know whether i should continue or not..
  7. Hey lyssa...now that the scabs are fallen off..just left with marks..im currently using the baby brush method for that...for skin cells renewal..
  8. it does?..geez...=.=...i think ill stick to the baby brush method....
  9. yeah!!!...i just found that out..thats why i quit..LOL...how bout the baby brush method?..
  10. im currently using the baby brush method by the way..hoping for good results! Not using mederma...
  11. My mom just bought Mederma recently..the doc says it'll help red marks fade...so im trying them now..waiting for results...anyone tried mederma b4?..
  12. yeah..i've just read a study about vitamin K topical on skin...no healing..guess i'll just let time help the healing...my regimen is very simple...cleanse and moisturize..sometimes spot treat...i've just came back from a camp..couple of new small zits..annoying...guess the sunburn causes me to breakout..
  13. i went to a facialist last week...it's really a extremely painful experience..the facialist extract everything out..left red marks..but it'll fade in couple of days..or weeks..