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  1. I just got prescribed doxycycline 20 mg to take twice a day. I've been on two prescriptions of mino in 2004 and and one prescription of sulfratrim a few months back. Any ideas on why the derm gave me only 20 mg?
  2. I've been through so many threads desribing GI and all this other stuff. But I just want a simple breakdown on what to look for when buying pasta and bread. I want to buy pasta and bread that do not aggrevate acne. thanks for your help!
  3. i started seeing good results 1.5- 2 weeks in. Possibly could have been 1 week in. my cystic acne has gone down considerably in my opinion, but im not 100 % clear yet.
  4. damnit, this benzaclin is making my jawline and parts of my neck VERY ITCHY...even after i put moisturizer on it. this is after stopping benzaclin on that area for 2 days already!
  5. acnehater, thanks for the insightful reply! I will update this post from time to time to keep track. From reading this msg board for the full past 2 days, not a waste of time imo, I have heard good things about apple cider vinegar and drinking lemon water. Im thinking of adding taht to my regimen. good luck to everyone trying to fight acne. Its may be a long or short fight, but just keep at it I guess and things hopefully will turn in your favour.
  6. im male and 19 in university. What I try to do now is stay calm all the time to reduce my stress.
  7. Went to my first appointment today. My acne is pretty bad...moderate i guess. My T Area (forehead, nose, chin, upper lips have no acne, its pretty clear). But my jawline, a bit of the cheek and the sideburn part of my face, and a bit of my upper neck have cystic acne. He put me on Minocycline (2 pills a day, each 100 mg). I've been reading up and most ppl only take 150 mg or 100 mg TOTAL a day. Do you think I am taking too much and this would cause serious side effects? He also presrcibed me be