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  1. i had similiar experience m8, i hope the dryness fades tho, it can b brutal
  2. uhhhhhhhhhh.......dead thread?

  3. way 2 go m8, show em who's boss. u have the rite to make fun of that fatso coz she a bitch
  4. gee m8, i find it rather suspicious how both of you have been on muh page at the same time on numerous occasions. and wot r u tlkin bout derogotory? i just changed ur name around. and im sry i want 2 look around the website and not see her spamin dumb smoothies. u also wrote on muh page how u got a chuckle of what i wrote, but now u uptight. u ok m8?

  5. 1. Tree-hugger is not derogatory and in this case is a non sequitur.

    2. I am Finnish. My name is Finnish. Quezya is not. I am also a male.

    3. What could anyone possibly hope to gain by sharing a recipe?

    4. Quit being an illiterate asshat or you will be flagged and deleted.

  6. I thnk u and smoothie grl r related, perhaps the same m8

  7. wot u tlkin bout tree hugger?