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  1. Hi ppl.......i have a question for you all... I had serious acné but i'm as good as cured now;) thanks to Accutane i love it... But I have another worry now...... I have white bumps on my penis,.... almost everywhere, the sack, on the side of my penis, and a bit everywhere.... When i read topics, they say it's very normal, but i'm a bit insecure.... I had sex once, with condom. But i've had this problem before i even had sex, so it's not a decease..... the problem really is that i don't
  2. I have succes with my accutane course, i was on it for 7 months ...... and im clear now.... now .. to get rid of the scars ...... greets, Marc
  3. hmmz probeer clean & clear gewoon, hebben ze wel in Nederalnd geoof ik.....mzzl
  4. Hey dude! Nice to see accutane is helping you like it helped me im really happy for you .. hehe ok speak to you on msn -Marc-
  5. I never got depressed during my time on accutane, i got happyer cuz my face was starting to clear up that much:)
  6. yes accutane rulezzz!!!! ive been on it for 7 months and off it for like 1 month.....my acen is 98% gone :D/ im so happy Now im not afraid to say: ACCUTANE, I LOVE YOU!!!!! O:)
  7. but if you wear a hat all the time, no1 exept you will notice your white forehead,... just take that frickin hat off..... ](*,)
  8. hi i was also on accutane, and i must say since i took the last pill the acne started to come back a little. Like when i finished i was 98% clear, and now im like 96% clear, doesnt really make a difference.....but i dont hope it gets any worst..... Marc
  9. I was trying to start a dicussion bout this: http://acne.org/messageboard/viewtopic.php?t=6180
  10. hi im marc and i just have to say that: I LOVE ACCUTANE!!! [-o< because of accutane my life changed completely, serious! I would recommend it to everyone that has serious acne. im now 98% clear thanx to it...... please discuss about why accutane was or is good or bad for you. visit http://www.roaccutane.com.au/ http://www.fda.gov/cder/drug/infopage/accu...ane/default.htm also if you have questions please ask me....
  11. Aysia..... I didnt understand a word you posted....but it sounds funny haha byeee Marc
  12. raf thnx dude too you the same revolutionismyname it sound more like YOU are a 13 year old, grow up please......
  13. yeah....when I was on vacation in France, the doktor just perscribed me Accutane, without saying stuff about it 8-[ luckily I never went to the drugstore, and when i got back to the netherlands my derm perscribed me accutane with all info i needed to have about it :)/