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  1. flywithme

    Persa-Gel 5 -- DAY ONE.

    So i have decided to try the Clean&Clear PERSA-GEL 5, it is an acne treatment that contains 5% Benzoyl Peroxide. I really hope it works, but i dont know yet considering its just day one... all i know is i have to stick with this one for awhile to see if its actually working. I just put it on my face to try, it stung for a moment and now is fine.... hasnt made my skin dry, ichy or super red so it seems okay so far.
  2. flywithme


    So i havent beeen on this website for awhile, but not much as changed(when it comes to my acne) . I no longer need to worry about my eczema anymore yaaay , went to the doctor before christmas cause it was getting to sore and spreading so they gave me a huge thing of Betaderm Cream, which i put on every night and morning. That happiness soon went, because my acne is getting worse, i just starting using this skin cleanser for sensitive skin called -go 360 clean- L'OREAL, but its not seeemed to hel