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  1. Thanks gems! Wow, it's been 3 weeks already! Amazing haha. Day 21, still no side effects or reactions, I think it's pretty safe to say I'm not allergic to this antibiotic. Acne does seem to be getting better on the face... Still bad, but not as hmm... blotchy. Body acne still bad, no improvements, except that there are less active pimples.
  2. Day 6, still no side effects or noticeable difference. Acne does seem to be less red, however. (Could just be my own wishful thinking)
  3. I'll keep that in mind. Well, day one went off fine. No reactions or side effects experienced, so looks like I won't be changing pills anytime soon! Feels good to be started on it.
  4. I hope your son has good results, I am a couple of years older than him and on antibiotics as well. Hopefully he knows he is not alone in the world! Best of luck and health .
  5. Hey guys, well, my time has come to start Antibiotics. None of the... let me see... six or so topical treatments my doctor prescribed me worked, in fact, they didn't do anything whatsoever. (Epiduo actually made my acne a lot worse). He said if my acne does not reduce or show improvement within 1-2 months, I'll be going back to get a new prescription... yay. Here's a little bit about me: - 16 year old male. - Moderate-light acne since age 13. - Extremely persistent and stubborn acne, d
  6. Wsx


    Delete, sorry, I'm really not used to these new boards.
  7. Anyone know if this is a high dosage? From the posts I've read, mostly everyone is on 150-300MG daily.
  8. Yep, some people get extremely quick results, and some people get extremely slow results. I'm glad to hear it's going so positively, let's hope it continues.
  9. If someone has resistant/persistent acne, and has tried pretty much everything possible; it's not uncommon to be put on Accutane, whether they have 5 or 55 pimples. Goodluck, hope you have success with it!
  10. One of the reasons people go on Accutane is because all of the treatments (and, there is usually many) they have went on usually control the acne -make it "look" good- then it comes back, in full force. Happens to me all the time, which is why I have a doctor's appointment next week, to TRY and get on Accutane. I mean, hey, it's like this. You want to get rid of your acne permanently, but you're scared (maybe not scared, but nervous/doubtful about the side effects, permanent damage, etc) But
  11. I've honestly never heard of this before. Definitely have WHILE on the course, but not AFTER. How long have you been off it? Sometimes, depending on people's bodies, Accutane's side effects take longer to subside.
  12. Exactly. I cannot stress this enough whenever I see people denouncing Accutane. Just because you had a bad experience; doesn't mean other people will. It's like anything. Let's say I take Advil, and it doesn't work for me, and I tell everyone how bad it is and to not waste their time and money. Then, those people that Advil DOES work for, don't use it, and suffer through their misery, unaware that it could be solved if they would just not put other people's experiences, in place of their own. An
  13. Not sure I agree with you here. I know so many people personally in my life, who have went on Accutane, and have not had one pimple/breakout/whitehead/whatever since they have went off it, and, to be frank, eat like crap. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, yes indeed, but saying Accutane is only effective when you're taking the pills is, put bluntly, a lie.
  14. Eh... You can't just "make" it less noticeable, without putting make up on it. If you want to do that; go for it. If not, there's not much you can do. I'm sure she won't mind, everyone gets some sort of severity of acne in their lives, it's really not a big deal at all.
  15. Awesome post, goodluck on Accutane. It's a struggle for the first couple of months, but it's all uphill from there! Again, goodluck and keep your chin up.