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  1. Hey all, Can't sleep due to homework...thought I would jump back on the board and throw in my opinion of Accutane. I am under a month left in a 6 month course, and have had nothing but excellent things to say about the course. I have only had minor dry lips, which has been a non-issue with the use of Aquaphor a few times a day. Before the course, my face was very inflammatory, red, and just plain awful. I had previously had acne from 14/15-22. I never really had the dreaded initial breakout, a
  2. Not in Vancouver...but close. My derms name is Dr. Chi-ho Hong. He is located out by Guilford mall in Surrey, and immediately prescribed me Accutane for my very very very persistent, but moderate acne. I am just into my 2nd month now. He starts his patients off with very low doses, and increases the dose either every 2 weeks or month. So far, my side effects have been very minimal (currently on 40 mg per day). His website is Dr. Hong's website Cheers...enjoy the sun!!!
  3. As silly as this sounds...I have quite a bit of redness and post acne scars from the past, and am currently also on Accutane (month 2)....but look into a good quality powdered foundation. I am a 22 year old male, and my parents recommended it maybe 2 or 3 months ago, and it has been the BEST decision I have made in a long time. Get it matched to your specific skin color. It may sound gay wearing a foundation as a guy, but tons of people do it, and it sounds like it could really help if you have
  4. Hey all, Hopefully everyone is seeing the results they are looking for! I will keep this short and sweet... I am into my 2nd month of Accutane as of this weekend. The dosage right now is 40mg per day, and will jump up come this weekend. The directions from my dermatologist for the 2nd month state "take 1 capsule on day 1 and 2 capsules on day 2 alternating as directed." Does it matter if the 2 capsules (80 mg) are taken together? Or should they be taken separately...in the morning and the eve
  5. Definitely go for it...20 years of battling acne, you deserve a flawless complexion. The horror stories you hear seem to be all over the internet (and this website), but that is because the only people posting results from Accutane are usually the ones who are having extremely negative effects to the drug. I have personally talked a handful of people who went on the drug, and have not heard a negative complaint, other then the usual dry lips, skin, etc. Each of them hasn't had any acne problems
  6. Hello all, What can you all tell me about the results of allergy tests you have all taken? I had one recently, and only tested positive on 'real world dust mites,' the millions of bugs living in our pillows, beds, etc. I was told to pick up an allergy casing-type pillow, which I did. They also recommend wrapping the duvet, and mattress in this material as well. The latter 2 were very expensive, so I only picked up the pillow recently. My question is, with everything else on the allergy test co
  7. It definitely makes sense...I'm suprised no one else really knows about the program. Mind you, there are probably another 200 of them online... He also touches on food allergies, which can also be a key. If we are allergic to specific foods, it will create an imbalance in the body, and the body needs to quickly expel those toxins, which will normally happen through the skin...obviously the body's largest organ. I have been slowly changing for awhile, with no results, but I haven't elimina
  8. Hello, I recently purchased the Acne No More e-book by Mike Walden, and have read about half of it so far. If you aren't familiar with it, it is based on a 6-8 week program in which drastic diet changes are made, liver/kidney/colon flushes are done, etc etc. It stresses holistic health, exercise, proper eating, daily skin care, etc. I am wondering if anyone has tried this program? I found almost nothing on past threads the message boards about the program. I like the idea, and think holistic i
  9. I'll definitely check out this Guru guy, thanks for the tip. Any other suggestions though? Like I don't know where to start...? I thought the healthy lifestyle/holistic approach would do wonders, and it has almost done the complete opposite. My father had MINIMAL acne, so genes shouldn't be playing a issue. I don't work out, and haven't worked out for about a year or so, as school has taken over...as you can all probably relate too. Years ago I played highly competitive hockey...working out o
  10. Hello all, Brand new to this forum. I have been browsing it for awhile, and finally decided to join. Anyway, quick intro on myself...I am a 21 year old male, have had acne since age 14. I did ProActiv for years, as well as other programs, but nothing has worked. I have never done the Accutane thing, and definitely want to stay away from it. Anyways, I have gone holistic the last 6 months or so, and my acne has slowly and slowly gotten worse for some reason. I thought it would have had the op