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  1. I dont believe there are any of the same strands of bacteria on your face that are in your gut. So if the question is whether taking a probiotic orally would distribute good bacteria on your skin, the answer is probably not. Although taking a GOOD probiotic will probably improve your overall health and reduce inflammation and acne anyway. I've hypothesized this for a while. I dont really have anything to back it up but I've always guessed that acne is the result of an overgrowth of some
  2. Found this anyone interested: " Yes, sexual exhaustion will cause digestive problems mainly through the increased epinephrine, norepinephrine, cortisol, and prostaglandin E2 levels, and in the same time abnormal serotonin, acetylcholine and dopamine levels " link to source: http://cure-erectile-dysfunction.org/over-masturbation-digestive-problems/358
  3. This thread has gotten quite a few views so I figured I'd give everyone a little update. I still have yet to find any information linking sex/masturbation and poor digestion, which is something I undoubtedly suffer from. Nevertheless, the theories continue. Here they are: 1) Sex activates a large number of nerves in you pelvic region. This activity upsets (corrupts) the nerves connected to the GI tract, causing a slower motility (waste stays in your system too long), which in turn causes a
  4. I recommend you all read this: http://www.gutpathogens.com/content/3/1/1 And consider getting yourself tested for Small Bowel Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) and having a detailed stool analysis preformed. Personally, when my SIBO is under control, I feel great and my acne is completely GONE! When my SIBO returns, so does my acne. My diet is low FODMAP (google it) - this includes gluten and dairy. For immediate results, you may also consider getting a food allergy test prefo
  5. Probiotics Curing and then Causing Acne...Yes! I experienced the same exact thing. My current GI specialist told me that the reasoning behind this is that by consuming probiotics you are helping your body get rid of any overgrowth of bad bacteria or yeast in your small intestine. However, once the balance is restored, by consuming ever more probiotics you are putting "good" bacteria in "bad" places. There are over 5 lbs of bacteria in your colon, if they travel north (up) into your small intes
  6. Google describes it as a defective metabolism. Very vague. Interesting to note that I am very skinny.
  7. Sasch83 Im glad to hear you stopped taking supplements. I too use to take loads of supplements in hope that one of them might help or cure my acne. However, as you just discovered for yourself they seem only to make the whole thing worse. I think we put too much trust in supplementation. I myself am very distrusting of anything labeled a 'drug' but will toss back any supplement with the off chance of improving my acne. To be honest, I'm not in the best place to be giving advice. I still
  8. you could just tell all of us and we could test it for you
  9. Yep. Absolutely. Beer is actually one of the worst possible things I can do to myself. Plus gluten you've got brewers yeast and tons of carbs. Binge drinking beer can seriously mess up gut flora, which is what causes acne "in my opinion", no seriously thats the cause of acne. Take it slow or drink something hard. My drink of choice is tequila its always gluten free and pretty refined. Nevertheless, all alcohol will decrease your immune system and make any ailments worse.
  10. You mean like the 'myth' that acne and diet are related?
  11. The OP sounds strangely similar to myself. Did I write this? lol. I've had great experience avoid soap and water and not washing my face. However, I am post accutane and my skin was and still is somewhat perpetually dry. Not washing my skin has really helped regulate the moisture and health of my skin. I have also noticed a significant improvement in acne. I try to avoid washing my face as much as I can. Then when I do wash. In the colder months usually once a week to shave I use just co
  12. I've taken New Chapter before. The quality of their products is always top notch, but I needed more than 8 bil. in a capsule. I now take Renew Life, 80 bil. I never had any problems with either and would recommend them both. Renewlife is very expensive, though you are getting 10x the amount of probiotics. Good luck.
  13. I agree the OP's post. I don't use BP. I hate it. I only use essential oils as spot treatment and they work wonders. Millions of times better than any stupid chemical. I have a small concoction of Thyme, peppermint, lavender and Tea tree that I use as spot treatment every night. Yes it smells. Yes it tingles (peppermint). But what it doesn't do is destroy your skin. BP makes my acne worse, it damages my skin (hello redness) , and causes premature aging. The essential oils I use don't c