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  1. i've been talking to this amazing guy for a few weeks now and he told me that he likes me... we mostly hang out in places where the lighting doesnt show off my awful skin...the few times we have been in bright lights, my acne wasn't too terrible to where i was super insecure we're supposed to hang out this weekend (in 3 days) outside during the day ata park and now there's no hiding from him i was OK with this but now my face started breaking out like crazy!! i cant imagine being out there w
  2. hey all! i'm 20 yrs old. i've had acne since i was 16. i recently went to an endocrinologist who did some tests and said i had PCOS. He prescribed me Glucophage, generic Metformin, saying that will regulate my hormones...(i am not diabetic). my next appt. is on monday and i'm going to ask him about spiro since a lot of people seem to have great results on it. i'm pretty skeptical about this Metformin stuff....has anyone else been prescribed this???