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  1. Hi, I have a problem with oily skin, although it's not really oily, more of a shine, especially in sunlight! The shiny parts are just on my cheeks where I have regularly applied jojoba oil and moisturiser for the past year or so. In other parts of my face the skin is not oily at all, it is actually dry and almost crispy. I have stopped applying moisturizer to the cheeks for a couple of weeks now, however they still look very shiny. Are they shiny because I used jojoba oil and moisturizer for
  2. Oh and I have also used jojoba oil in the past, great for dry skin, now I'm getting the complete opposite!
  3. Hi, I was on Accutane for 6 months and completed my course about February this year. In terms of spots I have very few now, if any at all, however one of the side effects is that I have very oily skin. It looks greasy, oily and shines a lot in the sun. While I'd certainately rather have this than acne, it would be nice if there was some sort of method of making it look normal again. I use an oil-free moisturiser and I cleanse every so often. What should I do? Cheers!
  4. Hi, I have the same problem! I've finished a course on Accutane and my face is now more or less clear. However, I'm looking to buying a moped and a helmet in the very near future and I'm worried that it's going to start causing breakouts. I've been having a look at 3/4 or 'open face' helmets that don't cover your face and instead use a visor to shield it. This means that most of the face will not be irritated - then again, it's your risk, whether you want to risk crashing and mangling your fac
  5. Hi it's good to know that someone out there is in the same situation! Sometimes people ask me if I'm ok, I guess it must look as if I'm crying lol. I'm off accutane in two weeks, just hoping that my eyes will return to normal. I don't think the cold air of January and the central heating helps either!
  6. Hi, I've been on Accutane since September. I've been doing pretty well, it's near changed my life! I have dry skin and dry lips, both of which I can deal with fairly easily with good moisturiser and Hydromol - these are not a problem. What I'm really worried about is my eyes. They become very red and tired, sometimes they ache, and get progressively worse at evening time after a long day. I apply drops about 3 times a day and these do help temporarily, maybe for a few hours. Basically I've just
  7. Hey well done on finishing your course! You look amazing! I finish accutane in a months time after starting in september. Getting lots of problems with dry eyes which I'm actually really worried about but, congratulations all the same!
  8. Hi! Sorry I'm a month or so late in replying. I hope Jojoba Oil is working well for you. Just to say, I've been on Accutane for 3.5 months and have used Jojoba Oil for most of that time - it is an absolute lifesaver! I'm not sure if it improves my skin, but I don't use it for that. It's perfect for just keeping everything nice and moisturised, fighting away all of that horrible flakiness! It's absolutely brilliant. I come from Britain and right now we are in the middle of one of the coldest wi
  9. Hi, thanks for the support! I'm pretty much over now; its a great feeling being free from it all. Well, I have been on Accutane now since mid September, so that would make it 3 1/2 months.. wow.. that's quite a long time! The last few weeks have been pretty amazing, I've been able to look in mirrors again, I've been able to be confident infront of friends, strangers, and collegues - I've got myself a job (volunteering!) I have had just one spot in the 'danger area' within the last.. well, sin
  10. It's been a whole month? Seriously? Well, that's probably a good thing, it means my mind is not on acne all the time. Things have been going amazing over these past 4 weeks. I had a little illness a while ago, and that set me back a bit, I had a massive spot right next to my nose - but it is fading. I am having to have quick, cool showers in the morning which is something I'm not used to, but is a habit I really need to get into. I've had about 3 days where my skin has been very dry - not flake
  11. Hi I use Neutrogena Cleanser and Neutrogena Moisturiser on my face, and Jojoba Oil if it's really dry. I'll have a look at the Aloe Vera you mentioned, I'll shop around. Week 8 Seriously? Is it seriously Week 8? That's quite incredible, once you get on the course the days just fly by. It only feels like yesterday when I was given my very first Accutane batch. Anyway, things are going great. I am starting to be able to look at myself in mirrors again! I'm getting so much more confident now,
  12. Well, it's been 2 weeks since my last post. I am now on 60mg a day, which is very difficult to keep a track of. I guess the biggest, most annoying problem has been the dry lips, although this isn't anywhere near as annoying as when I had flakey skin a year ago on Benzoyl Peroxide, that was just awfully depressing. Apart from that, I am having a few other side effects, but I guess on Accutane you can pretty much blame anything at all happening to your body as being a result of the drugs, when it
  13. Hehe thanks J! Ok, time for my 'should-be-doing-history-homework' Accutane log.. The weeks are going by fast, and to date I'm having a much better Accutane experience than I ever thought I would. The chapped lips are getting ever chappier, my skin needs repeated moisturiser in both morning and night, the bits of skin around my nose feel exeptionally dry and I do repeatedly lose my appetite. But this is all! It's ok, really! This is what I expected - wait - this is much much better than I expe
  14. I've been on Accutane for about 3 weeks now, and it seems that my skin is getting much more red. I am a boy, so I have a hard time putting make-up on to hide the reddishness - I'm also going to try not being in the sun so much (easy - I live in Britain), but is there anything else I can do to help redness on my face? I don't get spots so much now I'm on Accutane, at all - my skin is simply dry and red. The dryness I can take - jojoba! But the redness, what can I do????
  15. Damn, hope your feeling better a few hours on I guess we're all going through some pretty shit moments right now and we will get through it!