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  1. So guess what you guys? its been awhile lol IM DONE ! thats right ! im off the pill and im feeling great ! my skin is still pretty red because of all the legions i had on my face but they should simmer down in a matter of months so im not worrying about that. skin is still very dry and lips are still very dry. i took my last pill last tuesday just in case you guys were wondering how long i've been off the pill. so almost a week =) its funny too, because when i got into the room for my appoi
  2. well did ya miss me? DAY 93 = MONTH 3 ENDS & MONTH 4 BEGINS !!! its kinda strange that i decide to come back to this log on the first day on my month 4. i just had a sudden urge to return to this website. who knew haha but yeah ! DRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY everything is dry. my face. my throat. my lips. my arms. inside my nose. my eyes, duude, its dryness to the max. OH YEAH, nose bleeds sure are a pain too ! other than that and a little back pain, everythi
  3. oops, i accidentally posted that twice lol HOW DO YOU DELETE?! haha
  4. i'm back ! DAY 70 !: its been awhile since i've updated. been kinda busyy. but im back, i havent forgotten about you guys. i know its really early but i couldnt sleep. i have a derm appointment at 10am too.... oh well. but yeah, they have to redraw my blood b/c i guess that triglycerides were SUPER high and they arent sure why b/c its never been like that b4. (just between us, i forgot to fast the night before lol shhhhhh) anyways xD yeah. plus, i was just on facebook and it looks as though
  5. awwww, thank you mallory and herecomesthesun for your birthday wishes ! appreciate that. by the way, i love that song lol DAY 51 !!!: it's almost been 2 freakin months ! wooohoooo ! yayaa ! haha, alright time to get seriouss. MERYY CHRISTMAS EVE, by the way ! and i hope everybody enjoys their christmass. spend time with the fam, friends, spouse, bartender, whatever floats your boat lol okay SERIOUS TIME FORREAL ! Side Effectssssssss: Nose bleedssss: the reason i say this one first is beca
  6. DAY 44 !: so, tomorrow is my birthday and probably wont have enough time to post u an update, so i decided to post a really quick one lol here goes, i'll make this quick ! Dryyyyy lips - Harsh. Dry skin - not that bad Back pain - not as bad as it used to be, but lets not jinx it haha NEW SIDE EFFECT ALERT !!! yes, today i had my first NOSE BLEED !.... while i was eating breakfast... convenient huh? haha yeah it was gross. just a regular nose bleed, stopped pretty fast, but a nose bleed none
  7. DAY 40 !: first off, i'd like to say (to those who are soon about to start accutane or who are still thinking of taking it) that time is going by fast ! it doesnt seem like its been 40 days at all, but it has, and im happy about it. =) alright, alright, LETS GET DOWN TO BUSINESS ! TO DEFEAT.... THE HUNS !! haha im a dork xD side effects dry skin - its not that bad. i've actually gotten so used to it that most days when i wake up i cant tell the difference when its dry or not chapped lips -
  8. DAY 35 !: my birthday is in 10 days lol i will be 19. oh goshh, im getting older, yo ! but anyways, on to business. everythings pretty much the same as the last update, except that im not breaking out. it wasnt that bad of a breakout, and the bumps are starting to go away now. my back pain is a little worse though, i've noticed, but its still nothing i cant handle. LIPS ARE SOOOOO CHAPPED ! gahh, w/e. today its nice and sunny and its my friends birthday, so im gonna go to red lobster for h
  9. well my skin wasnt flawless. i have many redmarks, so that didnt help much. but the majority of my face was clear of bumps ! and it had been awhile since that i didnt have so many zits. umm, this is my first course of accutane, so no begging needed haha. and it really depends on where you live, how severe your acne is and if your body can handle another course. because i've heard its harder to get a second course, nonetheless a first course of accutane in some countries. but if your a go
  10. your day 10 sounds exactly how i remember mine lol hopefully u wont get back, chest or neck pains. for me it started around week 2. enjoy the dryness ! its the easiest of the side effects dude ! haha
  11. day 10... feels just like yesterday lol dry lips, dry skin.. goooood tiiiimes haha xD thnx for dropping by ! i'll be checking in on you as well dude. we got this accutane thing IN THE BAAAG ! >-
  12. glad to hear your skin is getting better, dude ! your skin isnt that bad and accutane should clear you up REAL good. keep with it man, and remember, we all know what its like, so feel free to ask questions ! PS: Cetaphil is great ! i use Cerave though, just as good
  13. UPDAAAAAATEEE ! you know me, usually i update this every 4 days or so, but i thought this was an important thing to tell you guys.. AFTER ALL, im not doing this log only for me haha but yeah, the reason i had to get on here and post this is becaaauuse IM BREAKING OUT AGAINNNNN ! =( gahhh, so i upped my dosage 3 days ago and i guess this is the side effect... my chest is breaking out a bit, my back.. not so much, and my shoulders ! also on my face too ! but i think its for the better on my fac
  14. thnx for the feedback ! im not sure either, but for the experiment that im apart of they decided to bump me up lol DAY 31 !!!!: yep, thats right ! its already been one month, and im happy as a clam ! before i get into everything that im excited about, lets start with the side effects that are present at the moment: BACK PAIN (Lower and Upper) = its pretty harsh dude. sometimes its even uncomfortable when i try to go to sleep. but im learning to pull through. Neck Pain = usuall
  15. omg, derm appointment tomorrow... =O they might up my dosage lol im scared. but then again i think they'll wait another month maybe. so we'll just see. how many weeks or months does it take until derms usually up your dosage anyway? >-