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  1. What!? Why was I singled out!?? You'll never know i think its cause she is one of the more aggressive mods on here. so if there is something even remotely attackworthy, shed be likely to pounce. *sorry mod*
  2. lol Lapis, are you going to buy that giant thing and put it into your room?
  3. the lazyness got the better of me, so i didnt go to the bee meeting. i instead began using my bee venom cream, whilst i wait for some higher quality injectible venom powder to come. it seems to be working, well im getting the allergic reaction from the cream..so ill wait to see if anything more will come of it
  4. I'm not goin to influence anyone, as any treatment option is something u should decide on yourself. who knows, you might find something i havent read
  5. yeah one of the stories i read was from a woman who had plastic surgery go wrong and it left a scar across her forehead. she had it stung a few times over a two month period and she says she couldnt find the scar afterwards. i've never read a story of someone doing it on the cheeks or nose though.
  6. you are overthinking some pretty useless things. why dont u focus on getting rid of your scars, rather than just analysing them all the time. you know they upset you, shouldnt that be enough?
  7. ive been having too many problems with the doc, so am just buying the venom powder from another seller and im hoping if i mix enough in, i should get the venom to the right strength. ill do this alongside the actual bee sting, to see which works best. im going to do it on my arm scars to see how it works. then if nothing goes wrong, ill try it elsewhere. its definitely not a one off procedure and is more you sting it a number of times to dilute the scar tissue more and more each time. what th
  8. So how exactly would this bee venom work? Is it a permanent fix? Does it improve the scar drastically? hmm mate, ive had enough of convincing people on this site :) if you are truly interested in fixing your scars and believe this may be a suitable treatment option, im sure you will do all the necessary research. im not sure whether it will work, but ive read about 7-8 positive before and after stories from various sites where people claim it has unexpectedly improved their scarring. th
  9. ill start with a hypertrophic scar, but if it works ill more than definitely move over to the pitted ones. ur forgetting that both types of scars are the same in the respect both have a build up of scar tissue - at least in mine anyway. so if it really does soften the scar tissue and replace it with normal one, then it shouldnt really matter right? anyhoo, just testing it on one of my more major scars atm on my arms, as those are the ones ive been reading more about. its been too difficult to
  10. Im going to a bee meeting on monday with a number of beekeepers. The doc there says she is willing to sting one of my scars too, which is quite exciting. I've been wanting to give this a go for so long and ive finally got my chance. I once again link my fav article: http://www.therealwhy.com/page6.html I'll keep u all updated
  11. the scars are hypertrophic ones that havent responded to anything ive done to them so far no clue tbh...other than all the postive stories ive been reading, ive only ever chatted to seabs about it on here. all he said was that as the excess tissue is eaten away, the skin will become more basket weave like - so it should create normal skin in its place. this seems to be the case, but its nice to see if it actually works on me, rather than just listen to all the stories. with atrophic scars, im
  12. I've been out checking out a number of forums and emailing practitioners who offer bee venom therapy or who have done it on themselves (sometimes deliberately, sometimes by accident) and the results seem pretty positive. Time and time again people are claiming the bee venom completely removed their scarring. Its nice to find an endless stream of positive stories instead of the negative ones i seem to find whenever i research a treatment more fully. I've attached the shortened versions of the
  13. i still dont understand why more of you dont jump on bee venom. i mean if it works, you wouldnt need the extremely strong peels or basically anything else.
  14. why dont more of you look into bee venom therapy.