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  1. Amoksliklav course is finished. Now on doxy for ten days + duac (finally) + bp + cleanser + Baneocin gel + moisturizer. Photos soon.
  2. Hello there ! Back to my regimen ... sadly i'm back on inflamed acne. lots of inflamed, painful zits. Today been to my new derm, she took the analysis of my acne, didn't see the process, because she took it from my back, but it's something like taking a blood from an inflamed area o even concretely zit. So next week I'll now the results of the analysis, talking more concretely - we will know what medicaments are good and working for me and what type of inflammation i have. Prescription: Duac.
  3. OK, about the regimen. As I wrote before, I was in Austria last week, skiing, chillin' etc.. Just before the trip my skind, I'd say, was pretty clear, like 85 percents clear, but I can't understand myself why I didn't take BP with me to Austria. That was a missssssssssstake. We went on car, about 20 hours of not washing and moisturizing my face and I broke out really bad. Happily, it wasn't an inflamed zits, so everything is going quite ok, now, when I continue using BP. It's like I'm starting
  4. DAY 6: Been sick for few days with increased body temperature, but still no new actives, oh, ok, despite on whitehead : ) Skin condition: DRY. DRY. DRY. It became very dry after using bp, so now I moisturize it like crazy, 4 - 5 times per day with tones of moisturizer. Not using AHA for a while... So cleanser + bp + balancer moisturizer + moisturizer + moisturizer .... Shaved my skin today. No irritation, no new actives. Red marks are already gone and I'm so glad of it ... I'm off to Aust
  5. DAY 3: Amh, nothing new to say ... old pustules, whiteheads are drying out off my face, no new actives from yesterday, marks fading slowly ... In the morning i did everything as my regimen says to do, but now in the evening, I'm going to apply balancer moisturizer instead of AHA lotion, the same as yesterday ... because my skin gets a bit red in the evening and I don't want to irritate it more : ) In the morning: exercising, then regimen, breakfast and multivitamin. About the eating habits: I
  6. As my derm said - the biggest hormone explosion is at man's 25's ...
  7. Day 2: Still using BP and seeing some progression : ) In the evening (when picture was taken) my skin got a bit red, don't know why, really. Because it wasn't red in the morning and isn't now. Also I noticed that my skin started getting a bit dry so in the evening i put on Anna Lotan balancer moisturizer instead of AHA. Shaving: warm water + Gillete 2 blade razors + Gillete shaving foam + BP + Anna Lotan balancer moisturizer. + Exercising in the morning + multi vitamin. I'm going to start ta
  8. Hello, russian girl : ) Thanks for the visit ! I hope to be clear soon, but not sure how it will be going : ) Wish ye good luck with your regimen too !
  9. DAY 1: BP seems to work as i noticed that old pustules are not active anymore and drying out. But there are still lots of whiteheads and old red marks. Even AHA15 seems to work very slow for them so I think I'll try Neostrata moisturizer for hyper-pigmentation. Furthermore i'd say that my skin reacted to bp/ bp+aha in the evening, beause it's a bit red and burning as you can see in pics. Strange for me as I've never had a reaction of BP like this. + started taking multivitamin for the clear sk
  10. Simon L.

    My log.

    Ok, so first of all I' ll say that I'm suffering from acne for about three years. Last two years I've been suffering only from a mild acne, but this year I faced the inflammatory acne. Don't know the reason of the inflammation, but I'd say the period when I've been popping pimples made my acne worse and leaded me to the inflammation. A few months ago i visited dermatologist and I was prescribed for a Duac gel and Neostrata AHA 15. Both in the morning and evening. I was clear about 95 percent, bu
  11. Could anyone tell me what should i do ??? I've been on Duac for two months and Fucidin cream one month in order to my moderate inflamed acne. Till today i thought that it's gone and i was treating only the red marks left, but this morning I was shocked by what i saw on my face. It's like a new beginning of all I've been suffering from... i even don't know is it a cyst, bump, lump or even anything else... could anyone help me to figure out what it is and how should I treat it ?
  12. Inflamed acne. Same here. But after one month of using Duac prescribed gel I'm 85 percent clear. This type of acne sucks hard, because one day it seems like it's all gone and you don't notice any signs of it, o but on other a few red bumps can show off easily... Wish you good luck, it's easy treated, but that can cost a bit of time : )
  13. It's now a month I'm using AHA. My skin has already adapted to it so it doesn't get red anymore.