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  1. I have the same problem! I also know it isn't rosacea and my derm said it wasn't either. I've looked into the Vbeam laser for red marks and background facial redness. Maybe that could work? I'll try it after Smoothbeam since I can't find a doctor that does both in my area.
  2. Has anyone tried Almay Nearly Naked? My Jane Iredale foundation is alright but there's stuff I don't like about it. When I first put it on it looks kind of orange-y but after awhile its ok which is kind of weird...lol. Anyway, I would recommend that one for now. I've been using it for awhile and its the best one so far. I used to use Clinique but it was gross and I felt like my skin couldn't breathe with it on. Oh and before that I used something from Mary Kay for the longest time but it was SO
  3. Hey Dave, I just wanted to let you know that I've been reading your whole thread I just didn't reply as much as I would have liked. Anyway, you've inspired me to start B5 so I did. Its been exactly 16 days but I'm a bit worried. This week I've had the worst breakout of my life. My temples and forehead are covered in acne and my cheeks are pretty bad too. I don't know if its from something else or the B5. I know its suppose to get rid of existing acne underneath the skin but its only been a littl
  4. I went to the derm today for a cortisone injection (my second one this week ) and she asked me if I was "putting anything on it". I'm currently on Delna's regimen and I told her I was using pure tea tree oil as an on-the-spot treatment and she totally cringed. I was like, "What?" she's like, "Its an oil." Ok, I understand that its an oil but I thought tea tree oil was ok for acne prone skin. Or is it just the tea tree oil products (like the ones found at The Body Shop) that are ok? Is the pure
  5. Hey guys I was just wondering if anyone in the Alberta (or even BC) area knows of a doctor that performs Smoothbeam and Vbeam. I live in Calgary and am willing to travel however it would be much easier if it was closer (such as Edmonton or something). I've already tried the Candela website and its not very up to date or helpful. I have found places that do one or the other but I would like both so I could get them combined and done faster than doing Smoothbeam first and then going for separate V
  6. ..the hell? I never heard of facial flushing as a side effect from B5 before. That is REALLY discouraging to hear because I'm starting it tomorrow and I already suffer from bad facial redness. Its not rosacea but I still want to try the Vbeam laser to get rid of it. I hope this doesn't make my other problem worse. Let us know if this flushing keeps up.
  7. I've decided to try an all new approach since my skin is at its very worst right now. I think its because I ate wayyyy too much chocolate over Xmas and since I never eat it and am allergic to it, it broke me out. I was literally crystal clear (god knows why) about a week before I started eating it all. So check out what I'm gonna do and let me know if it sounds good or totally horrible. Any feedback is appreciated! First of all, I ordered Evolution-X (B5) and will start as soon as it comes. I
  8. Delna, I heard about that tragedy as well. It is truly a sad case and something that is completely out of our control unfortunetly. What a disaster. Same thing is suppose to happen to LA and Vancouver eventually. That creeps me out. I have a lot of friends in BC. Anyway, I know this may be a bad time but I am one of the many people that still has questions for you so here I go. Don't worry about replying right away because I'm giving my skin a week's break before trying your regimen. I was j
  9. Right now I'm using the Neutrogena body wash (the gel not the scrub) and its working pretty good for me. But I know I need to exfoliate a couple times a week and I was wondering what the best non-medicated scrub would be? Since my shower gel already has acne fighting ingredients I don't want a scrub that does the same thing but I don't want something with ingredients that could possibly break me out. Any suggestions?
  10. Ok, quick question here. I've been researching Smoothbeam and Vbeam and as soon as I can find a doctor that does both, I would like to get it done. However, my skin is very stubborn and I'm worried it won't totally clear up from Smoothbeam so I was going to try Vitamin B5. My question is, should I start B5 now before I even go in for my first laser treatment or should I do the lasers first, see what the effects are, and then try B5? I just thought it would be really crappy if Vbeam got rid of al
  11. OMG I know EXACTLY what you mean. I've been working at a place like that for about 2 months now and even though my acne was pretty severe beforehand, it got way worse in the last couple months. I am so devastated and I don't know what to do. URRGHHH. I don't wanna quit either though cuz I like the job and the people. It sucks.
  12. Keep updating! I'm reading it because I wish I could use Noxema but it doesn't really have acne fighting ingredients right? And if I just use a regular cleanser or something I always want something like Dove soap or something for sensitive skin (cuz my skin gets super red and irritated from a lot of things) so I dunno about Noxema. I love it though. It does have fragrance right? I usually go for fragrance-free stuff but I remember using Noxema as a kid and I am in love with it. I really wish I
  13. I use that stuff! I've been using it for a little over a month now. I don't really like the idea of exfoliating everyday, but at first it made my skin really smooth and I didn't break out as much. Now I have TONS of blackheads everywhere (even in places where I've never had them before) and my T-Zone is extremely rough to the touch. My forehead is full of flesh coloured bumps and mini breakouts. I also have tons of blemishes but that could be due to PMS and me eating a ton of crappy food lately.
  14. Try mineral makeup. I personally don't like it that much but its good for sensitive and acne prone skin. www.janeiredale.com There's a section on the site that will give you a list of spas and offices that sell it. You can also try a makeup counter but be careful with that because some of the products could have some nasty ingredients. Ask a lot of questions and make sure the product is oil-free.
  15. Ok, I really would like to try Delna's method with the apple cider vinegar and what-not. I'm going to soon but I want to see if my other stuff is doing anything first. Anyway, I understand that ACV helps fade red marks and I *think* I read somewhere brown spots as well. I know this has nothing to do with acne, but I have hyperhydrosis (sp?) as well and in the past have used stuff like Drysol which REALLY irritated my skin. Now that area is a brown-ish yellow-ish colour and not the same shade as
  16. I've been working at a pizza place for almost 2 months now. Recently, I've noticed not more breakouts than usual but a lot of tiny little bumps on my forehead and more blackheads on my chin! A few of my co-workers have acne and we all have come to the conclusion its because of the grease in the kitchen. Obviously, there's more to mine than their's but now I have to deal with these little ugly bumps that I never had before! They're not red either but flesh coloured and makeup doesn't hide them. I
  17. Has anyone tried this? I am currently using Jane Iredale foundation, concealer, and powder. I want to get Smoothbeam and Vbeam done for my red marks, background facial redness, and oily skin/acne so I'm hoping I won't need that much makeup after the treatments are done. I was looking into something light like this stuff or tinted moisturizer and powder. I don't know which route to take and I'm scared that drugstore makeup will break me out (even though this stuff is oil-free). The Jane Iredale s
  18. If anyone actually reads this and has an answer for me I would REALLY appreciate it. Ok, so my question is this: I am about to start my third package of Diane-35 (its birth control in case some of you didn't know) and so far I haven't seen results (not surprising of course since its only been 2 months). But I want to try B5. I'm just wondering if I should give the Diane-35 a longer time to kick in to see if it works or if I should just go ahead and start B5 say...around the time I'm about to st
  19. I was looking at the Candela website for Smoothbeam AND Vbeam operators in western Canada (BC and AB). I can only seem to find ones that do one or the other with the exception of a few. However, I noticed that the website doesn't seem to be very up to date with locations of practitioners. I'm from Calgary and they do not mention Dr. Remington's office or Dr. Behn's office which both offer Smoothbeam. They also have the Calgary Children's Hospital listed as a place that performs Vbeam but that ce
  20. I have a quick question for anyone who may know. I made a thread about this but nobody answered. Anyway, I was wondering if it would help to get a series of microdermabrasions a little while before the first Smoothbeam treatment. Would doing that help with scarring or would it not do anything but suck up money that didn't need to be spent? Basically, would the micros assist in smoothing out the scarring a little bit and then the Smoothbeam just do a better job? I'm not sure if I'm making any se