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  1. Pick out a girl and ask her if she wants to fuck. If she rejects you, ask another one. It's fun and you won't have to ask more than 20 before you get laid.
  2. you'll be clear after 4 or 5 months be patient
  3. all these people telling you to go are full of it. half of em wouldn't go themselves..i know i wouldn't. why embarrass yourself?
  4. this is bs..I once went 37 days without jerking off for a bet and my acne didn't go away
  5. Acne doesn't make me depressed but it really pisses me off
  6. 40mg for 6 months. No side effects at all other than chapped lips and I never had an IB. They say everyone is different so I guess I was just lucky. I was expecting worse though...even if headaches and joint pain were guaranteed I'd still do it. Small price to pay for clear skin.
  7. My acne wasn't as bad as yours and I also had a history of depression but I still went on accutane. Best decision of my life. Most people will tell you to find something else because your acne isn't severe, but if I were you I'd try to figure out a way to get on tane.
  8. I've been done for about 6 months and for me the results haven't changed from when I was 4 months into my course. Clear then, clear now. You will be so happy with this whole thing when it's done, just be patient
  9. Butt acne? Really? Like, you guys get zits on your ass. I've never even heard of that. Probably would be fun to pop though. Wish I could get some assne