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  2. Hey cutie hows it going? Anything getting better? Or worse? I was just checking in with you hope things are going well. I'm here if you feel like talking just send me a message Quezya

  3. yeah im thinking of getting off of it. im a little nervouse now the whole process of getting off and breaking out. im on accutane and im FINALLY seeing improvement that im nervous to make any moves. i want to talk to my Doc but at times I feel like they dont know what their saying and Im the one that knows my body better than anyone. Im also afraid of Yaz bcuz of all the side effects. Im just gonna have to get on ortho -low.
  4. hey girl, i guess im following you because i can relate. im on day 75 now and my skin is looking way better! hang in there!! ok, the thing about popping the pimple while on accutane is the WORSE!!! it either scabs up or leaves a nasty inflatted red mark that is stilll a cyst/pimple. u then wished u left it alone i know u want to put makeup on it but try to put the least of make up as possible bcuz its gonna irritate and it might get worse. wait til it turns to a dark scab and then app
  5. hey lovebird. thank you for the pic comment. always makes me feel better when someone says nice things like that.


  6. hey sweety. Thanksgiving was fun. Im glad u also enjoyed it.

    =( so i see from ur comment u broke out? that sucks, but you have everything under control. You really seem like u know what to do and that awesome. ur helping alot of people =)

  7. Ola I don't take vitamins but I will just as soon as I can get some extra money. How was your thanksgiving? Mine was alright nothing special.

  8. OK...so i was on BCP for 4 yrs. i got off last year and during the summer i decided to go back on. once i got on i started to break out for 2 months straight and then decided to stop again.once i started to break out i got on accutane. so now Im on Accutane and on the 2nd month i got BACK on birth control pills(trinessa aka ortho tri) for some reason ever since i got on bcp i started to break out more than usual. its now my 4th month and i still break out with 2 cyst a week. i feel like it cou
  9. thank u for the comment sweety! now lets fight to get these zits gone forever

  10. ima try this smoothie...gotta by all the stuff. do u take vitamins?

  11. hi sweety! sorry took so long to reply but it was my bday and i went away for that and thanksgiving. ur pics ar amazing! i want to make some smoothies!!!

    accutane seems to be working now but god knows..ugggh....one day its clear next another comes to welcome me. =/

    happy thanksgiving btw

  12. Hey babe I was just letting everyone know that I posted up some new pictures of my progress with my smoothies. Go check them out and tell me what you think.

  13. Hey babe it sounds like things are still up in the air. And your not a weirdo for looking in the mirror we all sit as close as we can to the mirror and examine our skin. Anyways what is your diet like? Message me or put it up on here I'm really curious. Maybe I could help.

  14. MISSNARNAR: that sucks that ur derm doesnt have that needle. its also used to remove warts i believe. Well, like I said before. I had so many on my forehead and last month it exploded. well now it looks sooo much better. i can actually see smooth skin on my forehead but im starting to notice them lil cyst(4-5) coming back??? I dont know if im peranoid or what but i see tiny ones. unlike before, these are really really small. but because im a weirdo and look at every inch of my face i notice tha
  15. i don't like to recommend bc pills to someone because i know it can change someone's body pretty drastically. thanks again for the compliments. that was very sweet. best of luck with accutane.