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  1. Hi, After I leave a pimple to form a whitehead, I follow the correct steps to remove the pus. Afterwards, clear fluid continues to ooze out for a long time. Should I use hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol / surgical spirit to instantly dry up the area? Thanks.
  2. So it's okay to use benzoyl peroxide on single (open) pimples then?
  3. Hi guys I popped a pimple (correctly!) and am currently icing the area. I have taken ibuprofen for the inflammation. What should I apply under a band aid at night? Honey? Antibiotic ointment? Aloe vera gel? What works best? Thanks.
  4. Hi guys, When I get whiteheads, I gently pierce the tip and carefully squeeze all the pus out until clear fluid appears. What should I apply afterwards to quickly dry it up so it peels off? I seem to end up with a big dark red patch for a good few days before it peels, even though I only squeezed all the pus out of the tiny piercing, and not using much pressure on the skin. Thanks.
  5. Hi guys and gals... After much frustration of nothing ever working for me, I stumbled across Moojamba's regime. I've been taking 4 tablespoons a day of the ACV (Aspall Organic) for 4 days now and so far so good! My amount of breakouts has dramatically decreased and red marks are fading, along with a reduction in the amount of oil/grease my face produces! I haven't been eating too healthy either recently, which I thought would cause me to break out a lot, but I was pleasantly surprised! Than
  6. I saw this in holland & barretts the other day and nearly bought it, but thought i would search the net first! Someone must have tried it?