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  1. i'm off caffeine completely now and i get very few cysts. probably not the cure for everyone, but i guess i either have an allergic reaction to caffeine or maybe it throws off my hormone levels? ←
  2. i suppose you could take a look at the ingredients and make your own. how would you do the rice? grind it up in the grinder till its fine i suppose?
  3. i know, pricey indeed! but u only have to use a lil bit i have found. hope it works for you.
  4. well for me it isnt bad. i make my distilled water at home and when i use tap water or spring water to do it- lots of gunk comes out of that water. yuck. so for me it has worked well. i drink 8-10 glasses /day.
  5. Yes I would love to give you additional information! i purchased the origns modern friction at the mall in the origins store. but, i have also seen it in their online store as well. it's being praised as "Nature's Gentle Dermabrasion". how right they are! here's some information from the website: Modern Friction™ Nature's gentle dermabrasion Sand-blasting skin with coarse, chemical crystals? How painfully passé. Here’s age-erasing exfoliation without irritation. Skin-refining
  6. i have had hormonal acne for a year and have tried more products than i care to mention before finally finding something that works. i never went to a derm only because i dont think most doctors know what they are talking about. being on these boards and others, with real people who have found solutions have helped me the most! i had acne on my chin, jawline, and cheeks- horrible acne (cysts that turned brown and took forever to go away, white heads and black heads). my face continues to be VERY
  7. i use this once every other week. it helps to keep acne at bay. i am currently 100% clear. this is a good addition to my regimine. i have to use mostly natural products on my skin. it is very oily but also sensitive at the same time so i can not use bp at all.
  8. yes i have been using these for 3 months now. it is all i use to wash my face. i use them 2 times/day. sometimes i can use them with normal friction and then there are times i use very gently- depends on how my face is responding. i can say, they do an excellent job of exfoliation! i have hormonal acne and for me, exfoiliation is the key. i am 100% clear now, after having acne for a year due to hormonal upset. i had horrible acne along my jawline, chin and cheeks. however, my face is still VERY
  9. please let us know how everything goes. i tried to get hormonal testing done but the endocrinologist i went to said there was nothing he could do except schedule a test for my thyroid. but i think he was a quack and am now looking for another doctor.
  10. i have oily oily oily skin and have tried MOST foundations and they all did not work for me. heres a few of the brands i have tried that i can remember: almay, revlon oil free matte all day stay, mac, clinique, lumene, physicians formula, dermablend, maybelline, clarins, rice powder, cover girl, loreal, black opal, mineral makeup: corys, alpha, jane iredale, bare essentials, youngblood, barefaced minerals, canary, evans garden, jlynne, melange, mineral treasures. all of these broke me out.
  11. heres what i have been doing: AM: wash with baking soda, kirks castile exfoliating face wash. apply lemon juice and egg mask. wait 10 mins. apply kirks castile acne gel and neosporin. PM: wash with kirks castile exfoliating face wash, apply pure simplicity neem pore refining face mask. wait 5 mins. apply kirks castile acne gel, mama lotion and neosporin. thru-out the day i also use the pro-active oil blotting sheets. they are larger and work better at absorbing oil than any other sheets i hav
  12. i use manuka oil and emu oil. i only use certified emu oil tho. u haveta be careful about the certification too or it might be bad oil. anyway, i dont really measure it. i just rub the emu oil on first then the manuka oil.
  13. How long have you been using the Neem Guard? I wonder if its similiar to the pills I am taking. I am going to look them up.
  14. I have been taking them for a week now along with milk thistle. I will give them a month to see what happens. Thanks for the info Rossi! I also bought the ActivClear. Man that stuff smells awful!
  15. ok good. i ordered some. cant wait till they get here. rossi- how long would u suspect the accutane to kick in vs the pills? i am really wondering if this works.
  16. Has anyone tried the Activclear or Tejaswini? I read the article and looks very interesting. The studd from Victoria Health looks good too. Seems like they are far ahead of everyone else regarding treatments. But I think usually the UK is pretty much.
  17. Has anyone tried the Activclear?
  18. hi dantecubit. congrats on getting clear! what type of acne did you have and for how long? have you ever tried the epsom salt paste to dry out your blemishes in the past? what types of treatments have you tried in the past that did not work?
  19. I just started the Natures Cure too. There's another link on here with PoBoy and he has had great success with it. On his link there are some great before and after pics!
  20. Ok great PoBoy on the using aloe and oil prior to the B5. I also notice the B5 with the kit has Aloe in it already. I was wondering why it was not firm, it's because of the aloe!! I am using Emu Oil on my spots prior to the B5 too. That seems to help as the EMU really gets in deep into the skin. I am almost done with one of the sets in the package! Getting excited. Hey, alaskacne I think sometimes when we get cysts while on some of this medication it could be that it is forcing the crap out of