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  1. i'm off caffeine completely now and i get very few cysts. probably not the cure for everyone, but i guess i either have an allergic reaction to caffeine or maybe it throws off my hormone levels? ←
  2. i suppose you could take a look at the ingredients and make your own. how would you do the rice? grind it up in the grinder till its fine i suppose?
  3. i know, pricey indeed! but u only have to use a lil bit i have found. hope it works for you.
  4. well for me it isnt bad. i make my distilled water at home and when i use tap water or spring water to do it- lots of gunk comes out of that water. yuck. so for me it has worked well. i drink 8-10 glasses /day.
  5. Yes I would love to give you additional information! i purchased the origns modern friction at the mall in the origins store. but, i have also seen it in their online store as well. it's being praised as "Nature's Gentle Dermabrasion". how right they are! here's some information from the website: Modern Friction™ Nature's gentle dermabrasion Sand-blasting skin with coarse, chemical crystals? How painfully passé. Here’s age-erasing exfoliation without irritation. Skin-refining
  6. i have had hormonal acne for a year and have tried more products than i care to mention before finally finding something that works. i never went to a derm only because i dont think most doctors know what they are talking about. being on these boards and others, with real people who have found solutions have helped me the most! i had acne on my chin, jawline, and cheeks- horrible acne (cysts that turned brown and took forever to go away, white heads and black heads). my face continues to be VERY
  7. i use this once every other week. it helps to keep acne at bay. i am currently 100% clear. this is a good addition to my regimine. i have to use mostly natural products on my skin. it is very oily but also sensitive at the same time so i can not use bp at all.
  8. yes i have been using these for 3 months now. it is all i use to wash my face. i use them 2 times/day. sometimes i can use them with normal friction and then there are times i use very gently- depends on how my face is responding. i can say, they do an excellent job of exfoliation! i have hormonal acne and for me, exfoiliation is the key. i am 100% clear now, after having acne for a year due to hormonal upset. i had horrible acne along my jawline, chin and cheeks. however, my face is still VERY
  9. please let us know how everything goes. i tried to get hormonal testing done but the endocrinologist i went to said there was nothing he could do except schedule a test for my thyroid. but i think he was a quack and am now looking for another doctor.
  10. i have oily oily oily skin and have tried MOST foundations and they all did not work for me. heres a few of the brands i have tried that i can remember: almay, revlon oil free matte all day stay, mac, clinique, lumene, physicians formula, dermablend, maybelline, clarins, rice powder, cover girl, loreal, black opal, mineral makeup: corys, alpha, jane iredale, bare essentials, youngblood, barefaced minerals, canary, evans garden, jlynne, melange, mineral treasures. all of these broke me out.
  11. heres what i have been doing: AM: wash with baking soda, kirks castile exfoliating face wash. apply lemon juice and egg mask. wait 10 mins. apply kirks castile acne gel and neosporin. PM: wash with kirks castile exfoliating face wash, apply pure simplicity neem pore refining face mask. wait 5 mins. apply kirks castile acne gel, mama lotion and neosporin. thru-out the day i also use the pro-active oil blotting sheets. they are larger and work better at absorbing oil than any other sheets i hav
  12. i use manuka oil and emu oil. i only use certified emu oil tho. u haveta be careful about the certification too or it might be bad oil. anyway, i dont really measure it. i just rub the emu oil on first then the manuka oil.