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  1. I don't wear make-up (I'm not saying a guy shouldn't, it's just a personal preference) but every time I go out I use Milk of Magnesia in VERY small quantities all over my face so it won't leave those white lines after it dries, and I have felt an enormous difference in the output of sebum, I would honestly recommend it to everyone.. it's as dumb proof as they come and stupidly cheap (lol), I've tried lots of expensive products for my oily face and nothing comes close to how effective this thing
  2. Hi everybody, I just wanted to drop-by for an update, is long overdue anyway.. the product has worked as expected, it's been great. I took it approximately for 2 and a half months, and I have only discontinued it since because my idea was never to get hooked on something indefinitely. I am currently trying some other products as tests, but if necessary I will go back to Niacin in a New York microsecond. If anything, maybe is worth mentioning that my hands were overly dry and had some peeling, a
  3. I've been on Niacin for 5 weeks now (entering the 6th) and it is still working wonders on my face. Up to this point far from diminishing its effects, the Niacin is working just as well as ever. I have actually been testing/indulging myself with everything that previously worsen my oily skin, and the face is holding on fine... But I promise I'll let you all know if in the future it stops working or diminishes its effects...
  4. Niacin (Vitamin B3) completely changed my oily face. Ever since I hit puberty (like 10 years ago) I've had the oiliest skin you can imagine, with actually very little acne but the oil was extreme and extremely embarrassing as well, I washed my face just to notice a couple of hours later that i had oil all over with the distinctive shine. I have literally tried every product, commercial or otherwise and never quite found anything that really helped.... Until I tried Niacin. For the first time in